The Reveal: Ariel and Dillon’s Harmonious “Newlybed” Bedroom

published Sep 1, 2017
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(Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

When we met them in June, Ariel and Dillon had just taken their five-year, long-distance love local and moved in together. With Ariel’s old apartment styled to her liking, they were both excited to move into a new space together, where they could work both their tastes into one cohesive design. A big part of that change — a queen-sized part, to be exact — was a new bed perfect for a pair.

From Brooklyn farmer’s markets to Jersey Shore weekends, Ariel and Dillon are always on the go, so they also wanted their new bedroom to be an oasis of coupledom calm. Our suggestion on both fronts? Both space and serenity: a Serta Perfect Sleeper® Hybrid. The mattress pros at Serta are on a mission to help restless Americans declare peace from their crazed schedules and savor the oasis that is the bedroom. They want our bedrooms to be spaces of total comfort. The Perfect Sleeper helps solve five common sleep problems that get in the way of that goal, including partner disturbance.

(Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

Did the new mattress get Ariel and Dillon’s joint, domestic life off to a restful start? Two weeks after moving in, they let us in to see.

“The first thing I did was the jump and fall test — which is exactly what you think it is — and when I landed, I felt like I was being hugged all over,” Ariel said. “It’s super comfortable — the right amount of firmness while also feeling comfy like a cloud.” (“Comfy cloud hugs”: our new barometer for mattresses-slash-everything.)

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Ariel and Dillon’s main goal in setting up their bedroom sanctuary was to make it a space that was both of theirs. (Dillon had originally moved into Ariel’s already set-up apartment.) (Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

Dillon agreed, even though his sleeping preferences lean toward a firmer mattress than what Ariel likes. In fact, they’re both so happy with their new bed that getting out of it in the mornings can be a bit difficult. “The good thing is that our new bedroom gets amazing light, which helps make waking up easier,” Ariel said.

When they finally pull themselves out of bed, Ariel and Dillon find they have more energy for tackling their busy home to-do list. They’re taking their time to curate a place that they both like, and since the new space is slightly smaller, they’ve also been working on creative storage solutions and some good old-fashioned purging — something the bed has also helped with, as it happens.

(Image credit: Ana Gambuto)

“I have a hard time lettings things go, especially furniture and things with sentimental value,” Ariel said, “but when we got this bed, there was no looking back.”

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