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The Surprising Spot in Your Kitchen That’s Worth an Investment

updated Aug 23, 2022
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Credit: BLANCO

When you think about improving your kitchen, it makes sense to start with the spot where you spend the most time — and we bet that’s not where you think. We’re talking about a gold mine of amazing upgrade potential that’s hiding in plain sight: your sink.

A whopping 60 percent of our time in the kitchen is spent at the sink. (Just ask whoever in your house is on dishes duty tonight.) Think about it: Most of cooking is prepping and cleaning, and smart chefs — like you — clean as they go. All that rinsing veggies, peeling carrots, and washing skillets adds up.

We often overlook this workhorse spot, but a lot of factors separate a well-designed sink from the rest of the pack. In fact, the right sink can improve the entire work flow of your kitchen, from prepping ingredients to cleaning up after a dinner party. That goes double if you have a small kitchen: If you’ve ever gone to drain pasta only to remember your sink is full of dirty dishes, you know what we mean.

Credit: BLANCO

Enter the BLANCO UNIT, aka the investment that’s going to make you feel like you’re cooking in a professional kitchen (minus all the shouting). The BLANCO UNIT is a customizable combo of sink, faucet, and accessories designed to elevate your culinary skills, not hinder them. And it just might be the last sink you ever need.

Made to withstand even the busiest home kitchens, the BLANCO Semi-Pro UNIT is designed for easy, ergonomic use. It starts with a sink crafted from Silgranit®, a durable yet easy-to-clean material made of up to 80 percent quartz sand. With more than ten different models — like the compact and apartment-friendly Precis 24 — you’ll find exactly the right fit for your space.

Credit: BLANCO

And you’ll really be saying “Yes, chef” when you check out this faucet: The Rivana is as handy as a sous chef, with a pull-down insulted handspray wand, magnetized handspray holder, and 360-degree swivel. Oh, and that gorgeous black matte finish.

Adding some accessories only makes it more convenient. The adjustable Foldable Grid creates a bigger work station by turning the top of the sink into a draining rack, trivet, or extra bit of counter space. Floating Grids are custom-fit to BLANCO sinks, adding a second level for cleaning and prep. And the minimalist Capflow is an elegant way to hide the sink strainer, plus it minimizes splash without blocking the drain.

Credit: BLANCO

From hosting holiday dinners to simply getting a drink of water, the BLANCO UNIT adds stunning form and function to a part of your kitchen that you touch every day. Trust us: You’ll never look at a sink the same way again.