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These Are the 10 Things You’ll Really Need on Moving Day

updated Jun 13, 2022
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Credit: Tuft & Needle

There’s nothing more exciting than a new home — and nothing more stressful than moving into one. But don’t get your packing tape in a twist: While we can’t make all those boxes disappear (sorry), we can keep you from feeling overwhelmed and underprepared on your first day in your new place. And that goes double for first-time movers.

Think of this as a checklist for your future self, the exhausted person who just wants to take a shower and get in bed, but who has no idea which box the sheets are in. For that in particular, we included some Tuft & Needle sleep essentials you can appreciate on your first night and every night after. Read on to have the most relaxing moving day possible.

Credit: Tuft & Needle

Copies of your new keys. Giving a spare to everyone involved in your move, from roommates to helpful family and friends, will let people come and go as needed, whether they’re lugging boxes or making pizza runs. Bonus: You’ll be glad you did this now, before you need someone to come water your plants while you’re on vacation.

New mattress delivered straight to your new place. Imagine walking into your empty space and finding… a brand new bed. The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is the ultimate first-night R&R, with three inches of patented T&N Adaptive® foam that provides pressure relief where you need it most. It’s also infused with heat-conducting graphite and cooling gel, with Open-Cell Cooling Technology that allows for more air circulation, giving you a cooler night’s rest. Arrives ready to go in a box, so you can take a break from moving boxes whenever you want.

Extra cleaning supplies. We promise, you do not have enough surface cleaner. Even clean homes get grimy after a day of shlepping and stacking boxes. Make sure you’re good on cleaners, sponges, paper towels (so easy to forget!), and trash bags. When in doubt, buy extra.

“Open first” box. The “open first” box is Mary Poppins’ bag, full of exactly what you’ll need ASAP in your new space. Think coffee maker, coffee, phone chargers, lightbulbs, and hand soap and towels. And right on top? Tuft & Needle’s Original Foam Pillow and a set of freshly laundered Percale Sheets. With that satisfying hotel-bed crispness, these 100% Supima® cotton sheets and soft-yet-supportive pillow will make your first night’s sleep extra dreamy. Throw Blankets and Quilts also add coziness and color to make you feel at home.

Credit: Tuft & Needle

Pet necessities. Make sure you have their food, bowls, bed (small or large), and favorite toys and treats, plus any medication. Also consider having a friend watch them on moving day — it will be less stressful for your four-legged fam and give you one less thing to worry about.

A few tools. You don’t need your whole toolbox on day one, but a couple handy implements will help with unpacking and any immediate furniture assembly. Start with a screwdriver, Allen wrench, measuring tape, and a box cutter. On second thought, make that two box cutters.

Document binder. Your move might not have you thinking about school supplies, but trust us: Buy a binder. Use it for all that paperwork that you really don’t want to deal with losing: your passport, birth and marriage certificates, maybe even a copy of your home’s contract or lease. Keep it in your bag now, avoid what-box-is-this-in? panic later.

Fresh scents. Whether it’s a bundle of sage or a sandalwood candle, bringing along your favorite scent serves several purposes. It gets your new space smelling fresh — a big plus if it’s musty, stuffy, or freshly painted. But perhaps more importantly, it gets it smelling like it’s yours.

Credit: Tuft & Needle

Soothing sounds. You don’t realize how much you’ve gotten used to your home’s quirky soundscape until you move into a new one — let alone a new neighborhood or city. Whether you’ve got honking cars, oblivious neighbors, or clanging pipes, a T&N + SNOOZ white noise machine will hush your new home so you can get some rest. With real fan noise, adjustable volume and tone, and a remote control app, this handsome gadget will help you adjust to the nighttime sounds of your new home.

A treat just for you! Just because you could unpack more boxes tonight doesn’t mean you should. Bring something special to help you relax and enjoy your new space at the end of the (long) day. However you like to unwind — a nice glass of wine, a good book, takeout from your favorite restaurant — having a small gift to look forward to will make every armful of boxes feel just a little bit lighter.

After you’re all moved in and ready to fill out your space, Tuft & Needle has beautiful bed frames and nightstands to complete the picture.