These Rugs Are Chic, Durable, and Totally Customizable

published Nov 6, 2017
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Of course we don’t know you better than you know yourself; we just know that FLOR has exactly the area rug you want. With their customizable tiles in a zillion (approximately) gorgeous styles, you can fall in love with a rug that fits your precise style and space.

We practice what we preach: Apartment Therapy’s HQ is covered with FLOR, and we’re obsessed. It has one-of-a-kind design personality and stands up to heavy traffic (and photo shoots, and deliveries, and Pizza Friday kitchen stampedes). Plus, tiles are a breeze to swap out and clean — just rinse the dirty tile in the sink.

They’re easy to install, too. We know because we did it ourselves! There are just two components — the carpet tiles and FLORdots™, innovative one-sided adhesives that stick to the tiles, not the floor — and tiles are held together without nails, toxic glues, or even rug pads. (The tiles are heavy, so they won’t slide.)

Offices aren’t the only places where FLOR shines. Here are some of our favorite rooms that use a little FLOR love for amazing results:

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The entryway. Oh, hello! Adorn your front door with a rug that makes an entrance. It’s the space that best benefits from a totally customizable rug, where paths are narrow and full coverage isn’t a necessity.

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The open living room. Big room, big statement: If you’ve got miles of hardwood, consider your floor a gallery wall and create your own artwork. If that feels a little daunting, no sweat: FLOR’s Signature Rugs make the design process easy by offering some of their most popular pre-designed rugs available; they’re made of the same carpet tiles, just curated by the pros.

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The home office. One of our favorite things about FLOR is that it can be whatever size you need it to be. Lay down a modern design to add a little (or a lot) of inspiration to your workspace. It does quite well in the home office since it’s durable and low-pile — a friendly rug for rolling chairs.

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The kids’ room. We love them, but they change faster than hairstyles in a boy band. As they grow up and the kids’ room becomes a little more adult-y, you can update the room with a few simple changes. What’s more, FLOR is nontoxic and low-VOC, a solid plus for rooms where kids (and pets and people with allergies) are going to spend a lot of time. (Bonus: If they love their room, they just might clean it.)

That last point, the one about what they’re made from, is a big deal. They’re not only nontoxic and low-VOC; they’re made of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. Sustainability has been an important cornerstone (or corner tile?) of FLOR for a long time. So you can feel confident knowing the rug is safe for you and for the planet.

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