This Collar Takes Pet Care into the 21st Century

published Feb 13, 2017
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What’s the worst part about being a dog owner? Only every single minute you’re not with them. It’s a bummer that there are times in the day when you want cuddles and can’t have them, but it downright sucks when you just want to know everything’s OK and can’t get that. Well newsflash: It’s 2017 and there’s smart tech for your pet’s health and safety. (As for cuddles…not quite yet.)

The gadget that’s giving dog owners peace of mind is the LINK AKC smart collar. It tracks location and health stats while you’re apart, and even has features to keep up any training efforts you’re working on together. LINK AKC is sleek yet super-powered, wrapping the latest technological advances into a product so stylish, you might have to step up your own wardrobe to match.

Location, location, location

If you’ve got a pup at home, you’re no stranger to worry. But the LINK AKC’s GPS capabilities assuage those concerns by providing you with continuous awareness of your pet’s whereabouts. If you define preferred safe zones, the collar’s tracker will immediately send a notification to your phone should your dog move out of bounds. No wondering where the little guy is right now — you’ll already know.

(Image credit: Smart Pet Technologies)

Make it fit

Admit it: You’ve thought about putting your wearable fitness tracker on your dog to know if she’s getting enough exercise. (Or to cheat in the office steps contest. #sideeye) Now you can monitor your mutt’s health easily with a product that tracks activity levels from intense to resting. The LINK AKC will also provide tailored recommendations for how much your pet should be moving, helping you decide whether he should spend more time sitting on laps or running them.

(Image credit: Smart Pet Technologies)

Who’s a good boy?

Imagine a collar that can bring you two closer together. Use it to turn a quick jaunt through the woods into a virtual scrapbook, with automatically generated maps and timestamps for the pictures you take. Or, if you’re training your pup with sound cues, the LINK AKC provides positive reinforcement with a simple tap on your phone. There’s even a headlight for when one of you gets scared of the dark!

Bottom line: Pet ownership is getting a lot easier with a collar that can keep your dog safer, healthier, and even trendier. The company is offering a pre-launch discount, but that ends, well, as soon as it launches. Buy one now to get the deal!

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