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This College Student Gave His Bathroom a Warm, Sophisticated Glow-Up for Less Than $100

published Jul 28, 2023
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Credit: Benedetto Rebecca

For University of Miami architecture and interior design student Benedetto Rebecca, a beautiful home isn’t just a perk — it’s his major. When he lived in a dorm, he made the cinder-block space feel serene with textured curtains and warm neutral bedding. Now he shares a stylish off-campus house with friends, and he wanted to start the new school year by giving his bathroom a grown-up refresh on a student budget.

“It felt a little too cold,” Benny says. “I was hoping to make the space feel warmer and grounded through the use of wood and earth tones.” He used Google to compare prices on items he wanted and to make sure he got the best deal. Google also includes price insights, so you can see the typical price of an item and decide if it’s right to buy.

Benny knew that a few well-chosen touches would go a long way toward elevating the feel of his space. “I wanted tactile objects that were both functional and nice to look at, but the most important thing was the smell of my bathroom,” Benny says. “There is nothing better than getting ready in the morning or winding down at night with a beautiful aroma filling the room.”

With Google, Benny narrowed down his choices and found just the right accents, like an earthy stoneware soap dispenser and a minimalist wood tray to keep everything organized. Upgrading accessories like soap dispensers is an easy way to add sophistication, and a neutral color palette creates a sense of calm.

Since scent was so important to Benny’s final vision for the space, he also looked carefully for just the right woodsy, herbaceous incense — and a sleek incense holder to keep it in. And by shopping with Google, Benny could compare different styles and prices at a glance, across retailers, and know he was getting a great deal.

With a couple final flourishes, like some gold-framed vintage art and fresh white towels, the glow-up was complete. “My favorite aspect is how organized and cohesive the objects feel and look together,” Benny said. “My bathroom felt a little bland before. Now it feels very zen, almost like a mini spa where I have all my essential items laid out and ready to go.” 

That kind of chic organization will come in extra handy once the school year starts. “This glow-up will set me up for success in the new school year because now that everything is organized in one spot. it will allow me to be more efficient throughout my daily routine.”