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This Is By Far Our Favorite Way to Personalize a Kitchen

published Nov 20, 2020
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The most functional room in the house, the kitchen can be an uninspiring place for design: Especially if you’re living with a rental kitchen, it might be the one spot you feel unable to really make your own. But there’s an easy way to instantly brighten up this workhorse room, and it works anywhere: a mini garden.

It’s no surprise that plants make a space happier. In the kitchen, they do even more than that. Plant a few low-maintenance herbs in pretty pots and you’ll feel the whole space get brighter (and smell better). Best yet, your happy plants will also reward you with tastier meals and fresher cocktails. Here are three key tips for getting your garden party started, illustrated with plants we ordered from Greendigs, who specializes in design-forward houseplants and ships them straight to your door.

Pots Matter

Pots are almost more fun than plants! (Almost.) Choose some that speak to your style, with interesting colors and shapes. When you buy plants with Greendigs, you choose from simple but stylish planters that we guarantee will work in any home. We love the earthy combo of Burley clay pots in Spanish moss, a soothing green, and natural sandstone. For a crisp, modern look, try classic black and white matte ceramic.

Plant Variety

Choose a few different herbs to create an interesting mix of plant shapes and textures — and to make your food way more interesting. Try woody rosemary for delicious roast chicken, robust oregano for tomato sauces that taste like they simmered all day, and easy-growing mint for refreshing cocktails.

No Counter Space, No Problem

Countertop real estate is a precious thing. Herbs will be happy in any sunny spot, even tucked onto a shelf, but if you really don’t have any to spare, opt for a hanging garden! Greendigs’ leather hanger is great for modern industrial vibes, while the macrame hanger takes that ’70s mainstay and gives it a chic new spin.

Greendigs is a one-stop shop for creating a mini kitchen garden that inspires — and keeping it thriving. Each Greendigs plant is hand-selected with the help of industry experts and potted in artisan-made containers that add personality to any space. And every plant arrives with a Plant Care Kit and plant food. All you have to do is unbox and get cooking.