This Material Is So On-Trend…Yet So Timeless

published Apr 24, 2018
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(Image credit: Creative Studio)

At first we wanted to report that cognac leather is making a comeback, but then we realized it never went away. Which is the whole point of leather. It’s durable, reliable, always looks great, and like a great pair of jeans, only gets better with use.

That balance—between real life and real style—is one that Industry West nails. Their collaborations with Karpenter (all about Danish minimalism) and Sol&Luna (known for Spanish craftsmanship) both use that cognac leather look we’re loving right now to excellent results: Clean lines and comfortable seats. Simple functionality and timeless appeal. Modernism minus the austerity.

In short, this isn’t your grandpa’s leather.

(Image credit: Industry West)

We love how leather, especially in a brandy brown, adds warmth and tactility to these Sol&Luna chairs above. They’re seats you actually want to sit on—and the more you do, the better they’ll look, since leather has an organic beauty that only improves with age. Renowned Spanish manufacturer Sol&Luna hand-makes its products and uses an ecological tanning process, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations.

(Image credit: Industry West)

After a long, cold winter, who could resist the buttery warm tones and simple Scandi vibes of this Copenhagen sofa from Industry West? Add a couple bright, tactile throw pillows, and you’ve got a comfy perch that doesn’t scream couch potato.

(Image credit: Industry West)

Practically trend-proof yet somehow timely, leather pieces may be more of an upfront investment, but they’ll repay you in years of stylish use. (And they’ll surprise you with where they’ll pop up!) We’re guessing they’ll become favored parts of your space…all over again.

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