This One Small Change Will Make a World of Difference at Bedtime

published Jul 20, 2018
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There’s no shortage of advice out there for getting a restful night’s sleep, from setting the thermostat just so to banishing screens from the bedroom. But we often overlook a huge factor, not just in a good night’s sleep but in a healthful day too: lighting.

The right light does wonders for wellness (just ask your plants), but we’re often bombarded with harsh rays, from the glare of our devices to the unflattering fluorescents at the office. Emulating the light cycle of nature within our homes—that is, gradually brightening light in the morning and soft, dimming light before bedtime—can prompt us to stay on a sleep schedule that’s consistent with our daily routines.

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NOON is a smart lighting system that can help you restore the balance, energizing your mornings and relaxing your nights. It coordinates all your light switches room by room to suit your mood or activity, from a.m. chores to p.m. reading. Its sophisticated algorithms work with all bulb and fixture types, and lamps outfitted with LIFX bulbs, so you get the best of smart-home living without a major wiring overhaul.

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Here’s how it works: NOON’s Room Director switch wirelessly communicates with Extension Switches to provide one-touch control of all the lights in a room—no more switch flipping or dimmer slides. Personalized scenes in the NOON app (illustrated with more than 40 icons) let you set just the mood you want, from “welcome to the party” to “please go home now.” Control your lighting via the switch, the NOON app, or via voice with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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Think of NOON as personalized ambiance, making the day more productive, evening entertaining more sophisticated, and bedtime more relaxing. Set up your ideal scenes and feel how much difference the right light makes for you.

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