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This One Thing Makes All the Difference When You Redo Your Kitchen

published Nov 12, 2019
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Credit: Hausera

It’s just one room, but a kitchen redo comes with a ton of decisions, both big and small. It’s easy to get lost in the flurry of the big ones, like what layout works best or which countertops suit your style. But the devil is in the details. So, what’s the biggest rookie mistake we see time and time again? It may surprise you, but it’s choosing the wrong faucet!

Picking a faucet might seem like one of the easiest decisions to make, but there’s a lot to consider and a lot of options to choose from. That’s where Hausera can help. They created a new, more convenient way to shop for every type of kitchen (and bathroom!) fixture, and have tons of different brands at every price point. Here’s what to consider when buying the perfect kitchen faucet, plus some of our top picks.

First, make sure the faucet is the right size for your sink and counter height.

If you have a deep, wide sink such as a farmhouse sink, you’ll need a flexible faucet to match. You’ll want to consider the faucet’s “reach” here — can you easily get water to all sides and corners of your sink? For farmhouse and other large sinks, that usually means selecting an articulating faucet that swivels on its post and has a detachable head for easy spraying. Luckily, Hausera sells them in all kinds of designs, from Scandi modern to industrial chic, so finding the right style shouldn’t be a challenge.

For smaller kitchen sinks and bar sinks, a more traditional faucet is usually in order. There’s no need to invest in an articulating faucet with a detachable head, and doing so will probably look disproportional and create an unwanted splash zone.

Credit: Hausera

Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on functionality, you can start to consider style.

This is the fun part! A great faucet can give your entire kitchen an elevated look. It will almost always be a focal point, especially if your sink is on an island. Keep in mind that your kitchen is a practical space, but also an entertaining space, so it’s worth some careful consideration when choosing the right fixture.

You’ll probably want to match your faucet design with your new kitchen’s overall style, whether that’s farmhouse chic or boho industrial. But since there are so many faucet options to choose from, your final decision may come down to finish. Generally speaking, most designers opt for a faucet that matches other finishes in the kitchen such as one in satin nickel or Tuscan brass that perfectly matches cabinet hardware or appliances. That’s fine and good, but don’t be afraid to consider complementary finishes that might elevate your faucet from being a purely practical piece to becoming a statement fixture.

Here’s an example: In a kitchen with matte black cabinet hardware, would you choose this sleek faucet in matte black and gold, or opt for the same version in pure luxe gold? Either one would work, but pure gold might be the way to go if you’re looking to turn your faucet into a statement piece rather than just a complementary piece.

Credit: Hausera

Don’t forget to explore the bells and whistles.

Certain faucets, like this one, add a whole new layer of convenience to the kitchen. Their intuitive response technology turns the water on or off with a simple wave of your hand (or utensil). Hausera also has an impressive selection of pot fillers, so you can say goodbye to lugging heavy pots of water from the sink to the stove.

Hausera is the place to find kitchen and bathroom fixtures that fit your budget and your style. They carry all the best brands, all in one place. If you’re planning a kitchen or bath reno, big or small, Hausera is the place to find your fixtures.