This Piece of Furniture Is the Key to an Organized Home

published Sep 11, 2018
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When it comes to controlling clutter, your entryway is the most important part of your house. When you walk in the door, you’re probably carrying all kinds of stuff: purse, keys, mail, etc. Finding a place for it all to go—a place that’s not the floor of your living room—is essential for maintaining a beautiful, peaceful home. One of our favorite solutions for corralling entryway clutter? The console table. Meet your new organizing BFF.

What makes a console table perfect for your entryway? Let us count the ways.

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1. It’s the perfect height.

The top of a console is just the right height for dropping your keys, your bag, your mail, your cares. Adding a tray on top can help to keep the little things tidy.

The elegant lines of this Perspective Console will create a stylish statement right inside your front door. It’s the epitome of a good console: Shallow enough to hug the wall and at 32 inches, the perfect height for whatever’s in your hand when you walk in the door.

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2. Its depth means it won’t crowd the space.

No grand entryway? No problem. The slim depth of a console means it can fit into pretty much any space.

Got a tight space? This Bauhaus Console Table is less than a foot deep. The top is made from reclaimed teak, with the original paint intact, so every one is unique.

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3. Drawers (or shelves) help with organization and controlling clutter.

We all have things we can’t figure out what to do with and don’t want to look at right now. Drawers are great for that.

The B Console Table‘s two drawers make entryway organization easy, and its versatile, modern design is a complement to almost any style. (We could also see this making a great desk for a home office that’s short on space).

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4. The open space under a console is great for shoes and larger bags.

Get a boot tray for those winter months, or a pretty bin to recycle junk mail on the spot.

Although it’s a bit on the pricier side, the Album Console is definitely an unforgettable piece—like something from the entryway of an impossibly stylish apartment in a centuries-old piazza in Rome. Its visual weightlessness lets you instantly see what lives underneath it; the old “stuff as vignette” trick would do double duty here.

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5. It just looks great.

Whether you hang jackets above or a favorite piece of art, a console table is as pretty as it is practical.

With its round legs, brass hardware, and elegantly curved drawer, this Marius Console (created in collaboration with French furniture company HARTÔ) is a modern classic in the making—the perfect welcome to a stylish and organized home. The drawer is spacious enough for quite a lot of entryway clutter.

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