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This Smart Light Curtain Lets You Change Your Style as Often as You Change Your Era

published Jun 26, 2023
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Credit: Govee

One of the most surprising hurdles people run into when designing their own homes is coming to terms with the permanence of it all. Sure, you may love your sofa when you originally commit to it, but what happens if your tastes change as the years go by? The same question stands for your wall color, your linens, pretty much every element of your home. 

Luckily, there are plenty of smart home products that let you not only personalize your space, but give you the opportunity to update it as you enter different eras of your life as well. Take, for instance, the Govee Curtain Lights. If you’re not familiar, a curtain light is a renter-friendly, aesthetic lighting option that can be hung indoors or outdoors to bring a more personal touch to your home. And while most smart lights give you the option to choose your brightness level and perfect shade, Govee’s Curtain Lights take things up a notch.

Govee Curtain Lights let you program in patterns, GIFs, and movements through the Govee Home App. Equipped with Govee’s DreamView technology, the curtain lights are part of a whole suite of atmospheric smart lights that you can coordinate in the app, creating a seamlessly show-stopping visual effect. Missing your favorite artist on tour? Use Music Mode to sync the lights to match music beats and other surrounding audio. This creates a one-of-a-kind feel that can rival the best concert you’ve ever seen…in terms of design and price.

Having the ability to change your lighting along with your mood, your tastes, or even just the vibe you want to embrace for a night is such a game changer. It’s much easier to be fearless knowing you can easily adjust your curtain lights to align with your personal era and aesthetic at any time.

So, no matter what lighting style you want to embrace in your home—whether it’s something that reminds you of dancing near an open refrigerator, something that evokes your first nights in a brightly lit city, or even something that calls to mind the golden glow of daylight—the easily adjustable Govee Curtain Lights are the secret to making your space one that represents the era you’re in. 

Not sure where to start? We have a few lighting ideas that might align with the incandescent era you’re currently embracing. But fear not if you find yourself frequently changing your mind, when it comes to lighting things rarely go out of style, and these lights are easily adaptable.

Credit: Govee

Your Golden Era

If you find yourself drawn to the softer side of things, consider a glowy, golden color palette with some blue and purple thrown in for good measure. With Govee’s display layering technology and preset features, you can even design a dreamy 3D pattern to slowly ripple through the room. (Patterns are adjustable by color, speed, and size!) Plus, pairing shades like lilac and lavender with gold will add an air of nobility to your home as well (purple has long been considered the color of royalty). But you don’t have to go full fairytale to evoke the romanticism beloved by fans of the genre, the soft hues can speak for themselves.

Seeing Red

Most design lovers know all too well that bolder shades like red, black, and deep purple can bring a more mature feel to your interiors, even if you—and your style—still have room to grow. This aesthetic may not be for everyone, but when done correctly, a red-heavy design is unforgettable and romantic in its own way. Govee Curtain Lights are made with 520 teardrop-shaped lights, for rich, high-pixel density that brings colors and personalized patterns to brilliant life. With 10 movement presets available in DIY mode and 62 other preset scenes, you can amp up the romance with hearts, falling petals, and more. And if you do outgrow the coloring, you can always adjust your Govee Curtain Lights.

Credit: Govee

Sweetheart Stage

There’s nothing quite like being in love, so why not bring some of that joy into your interior design? Govee’s customizable curtain lights make it easy to incorporate romantic touches into your home without having to commit to a full redesign. This means you can bring in as many hearts as you please—coupled with red, pink, and purple shades—all while knowing your interior style won’t be compromised. You can even show off your unique vibe by uploading GIFs and images to add to your personalized designs.

Fairy Folk

If your music tastes lean a little bit more to the folk/Americana side of things, you may be inclined to incorporate the outdoors into your lighting display. Govee’s Curtain Lights give you the opportunity to design a space that makes it feel like you’re sleeping outside, all the while keeping you protected from mosquitos, dirt, etc. All you have to do is set your lights up to mimic a forest of trees. Or just head outside! Govee Curtain Lights are waterproof for indoor/outdoor use, and each box is packed with multiple installation accessories for both indoor and outdoor placement options.

Credit: Govee

Late Night Love

Something particularly special happens when day fades into night and everything is surrounded in that beautiful haze of moonlight. There’s a softness, a stillness, it’s unlike any other time of day. Bring a little bit of that night owl pride to your decor with moon-inspired lights and colors that evoke dusk. Use Music Mode to sync up your favorite slow jam and let the night shine.

Credit: Govee