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This Smart Tech (and Smart-Looking) Furniture Unlocks Your Home Office’s True Potential

published Dec 10, 2021
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Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela; Stylist: Margaret Ward

What’s one thing traditional offices do a better job at than most WFH setups? Connecting. Whether that’s feeling connected with the people you work with or just having a reliable internet connection, we’ll admit that the office does have its benefits. However, you can still find smart upgrades to stay better connected without leaving the house.

To give you some quick ways to make your workspace more connected — whether you’re working fully from home or have a hybrid schedule — we designed a home setup with smart accessories and smart-looking furnishings from Staples Connect™. As the one-stop shop for office essentials and expert advice, they see the full potential in every workspace — especially yours! Visit your local Staples Connect to find your next office inspiration.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Basics are your base for productivity

For the times when you’re hunkered down in your home office, you’ll need a comfortable spot that can easily accommodate all the electronics you need to keep powered to do your work. Start with a workstation that’s equipped with plenty of storage and a power strip for easy charging, and couple it with a rolling cart, which doubles as a tech tower to organize wires and adapters. Protect your posture with a supportive office chair, then protect your floor with a patterned chair mat that feels right at home. Smart desk accessories, like a minimalist lamp with USB ports to charge your devices, can do double duty by adding style and functionality.

Electronics give you flexibility

Reliable technology is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself at home. A mesh WiFi system ensures you have speedy internet no matter what room you’re working in (even if someone else at home is streaming a movie). You can also guarantee to show up clear on video calls with a portable ring light (with phone holder for when you need to set up a call on the go). Then, sync your phone, tablet, or computer to a smart assistant like the Apple HomePod mini for controlling your smart devices, finding the right focus music, or checking your schedule before heading out.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Portables add convenience

When you do need to leave the comforts of home, make it a little easier on yourself with a few convenient-to-pack tech accessories. A laptop with plenty of memory, a foldable keyboard, and a wireless mouse will fit easily in your work bag whether you decide to work at the office, your favorite coffee shop, or at home. And when you’re out, keep an eye on what’s happening at home with a Ring indoor camera, equipped with motion detection and two-way audio (for checking in with baby sitters, pet sitters, or extra smart pets).