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This Unexpected Source for Affordable, Original Art Is Finally Selling in the U.S.

published Dec 3, 2020
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Credit: Life Goes On © Ysabel Lemay; courtesy LUMAS

Here at Apartment Therapy, we’re firm believers that art shouldn’t be just an accessory or an afterthought: It’s the heart and soul of a space, the thing that gives it warmth, personality, and feeling. More than anything else, your art is what makes your space really you. So when you’re ready to make an investment in something that you’ll keep for a while, where do you go to find art that is beautiful, that’s unique, that will last for a long time?

There is a place that sits in that sweet spot between buying mass-produced art from a big-box store and walking into a gallery and throwing down tens of thousands of dollars at a time. That’s where LUMAS comes in. If you love art, particularly photography, you’ll find a lot to love at this purveyor of high-quality, limited-edition prints. And until December 31st, LUMAS is offering Apartment Therapy readers 15 percent off all LUMAS editions with promo code LU15APT, which is valid online as well as in all LUMAS galleries. Here are a few reasons to check them out:

Credit: The Triumph of Form © Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva; photo courtesy LUMAS

Real, limited edition art

One of the intangibles that makes an artwork uniquely define its space is its being unique. Mass-produced art serves a very useful purpose in decor — it adds personality on a budget — but a limited-edition work of art brings a sense of one-of-a-kind style. With the exception of some smaller open editions, LUMAS prints are part of limited-edition runs. All are numbered and signed by the artist, and once the edition sells out, that particular print will never be available again. This means that you’re buying something that has value on the art market, and is truly unique.

Credit: The Triumph of Form © Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva; The Lady of the Ibis © Daria Petrilli; photo courtesy LUMAS

Super easy to shop

A large obstacle for many looking to start a collection is where do you even start? While walking into a gallery can be an intimidating experience, LUMAS pieces are all easily accessible on their website. You can shop by theme, by price, or by artist. Pricing is very transparent, and it’s easy to choose different framing options or to see a mock-up of how a particular size print will look in a room.

Credit: David Bowie OE3 © Gavin Evans; Prada Marfa 8:36PM © Adam Mørk; photo courtesy LUMAS

Help with presentation

Another big obstacle for the new collector is what to do after you’ve found a piece you love. Matting and framing can be tricky to figure out, and they will almost certainly be very costly. LUMAS prints usually have a couple of different options for framing, or you can choose a print and have it framed yourself. The great thing about the framed options is that they’re hassle-free. There’s no need to figure out matte or frame choices on your own; just take your art out of the box and hang it on the wall.

Credit: Life Goes On © Ysabel Lemay; courtesy LUMAS

Oversized pieces

If you’ve ever looked for oversized art — the kind that can hang over a bed, or fill a whole room — you know that larger pieces can be tough to find. (That’s not to mention the hassle of finding larger frames, which…see above.) One of the things we love about LUMAS is that they have a very well-curated selection of pieces that will hold their own behind the sofa, or in a large room — and have lots of personality to boot.

Credit: Frivolitès II © Christian Lacroix; photo courtesy LUMAS

Unusual Shapes

Looking for something a little different? We love the unexpected touch a round piece can bring to a room. LUMAS has quite a few pieces that are legitimately round or cut out into distinctive shapes that make a statement, perfect for hanging above the sofa or anywhere you want something a little out of the ordinary.

Prefer to shop for art in person? If you live in New York or Toronto, LUMAS has galleries where you can stop by and view their prints and framing options in person. They also have locations across Europe. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your couch, or your phone, check out their website. Remember that until December 31st, Apartment Therapy readers get 15 percent off their original artworks with promo code LU15APT. And if you’re looking to gift a LUMAS edition, be sure to order online by December 13th for delivery before the holidays!