These Tiny Houses on Wheels Are Serious Small Space Inspo

published Oct 16, 2018
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Living minimally gives you a certain freedom. When you don’t have all that stuff holding you down, why not take advantage of a living situation that allows you to take that liberty just one step further? Tiny homes on wheels are the perfect homestead for those looking to live without all that comes with a literal foundation. Find inspiration from these eight tiny homeowners living their dreams in an organized, stylish, untethered tiny home on wheels.

Adam and Elizabeth Paashaus with @deliberatelifebus

Some families send their kids to school in a school bus—others, like the Paashaus family, choose to do a DIY conversion and turn one into a tiny house on wheels that fits a family of four. Adam and Elizabeth’s “skoolie” is a cozy 270 square feet, but packed with stylish wood-grain features, white-washed cabinets, and other cabin-chic accents.

Nathalie & Louis with

The couple and their pup Parker live in a dreamy 1969 Airstream Globetrotter that they renovated earlier this year (it only took them a remarkable six weeks, compared to the usual six months!) The Instagrammable 120-square-foot tiny home is filled with minimalistic storage hacks and “I can’t believe that’s from Target” decor.

Heidi & B with @bonniethesilverstreak

Heidi & B are spending their time as newlyweds renovating a 1974 Silver Streak trailer—and they’re about 60 percent done. So far, with their muted palette, plants galore, clever storage solutions and a penny tile backsplash—this tiny home is AT-approved.

Brooke and Wilhelm Genn with @luxurytinyhome

When Brooke and Wilhelm Genn, the couple behind the Power Couples Podcast, decided to do more with less, they decided that didn’t need to mean roughing it. Instead, the “location-independent” pair decided to zhush up a 39-foot-long tiny home on wheels to include all the creature comforts. Inside, the space boasts a Queen-sized Murphy bed that transforms into a desk, a hidden TV on an electronic lift, and even a clawfoot tub.

Malinda and Darcey Swain, with

While the exterior of their Toyota Coaster school bus may be, the inside is surely green—both in the abundance of plants Malinda and Darcey keep in their tiny home on wheels, and in its eco-friendly-ness. The family aims to produce zero waste as they roam around Australia foraging as much as they can (though it’s easier said than done with their toddler Thyme!)

Dolly Rubiano with @tinymissdollyonwheels

After trying city living for three years, Dolly Rubiano decided it was time to move onto greener pastures. But instead of a farmhouse or a quaint cottage in rural Australia, she decided to custom build a tiny house on wheels—and it might be just as beautiful as the landscape she parks it in. With white accents, unbelievable storage space (there’s a walk-in closet!), and beautifully big windows, Rubiano’s home is a true testament to how livable (and beautiful) tiny homes can be.

Fefe Duran with @thesinglewhitefemale

After struggling to find a work/life balance that allowed Fefe Duran to do the things she loved (sleeping and gaming being the highlights) and pay the bills, she decided to create her own “American Dream.” Instead of a white picket fence and family, she’s quite happy with the financial freedom she’s found living in her tiny house on wheels in North Carolina. Armed with an Instant Pot and adorable millennial pink accents, Duran has turned her tiny house into a totally liveable tiny home that fits all of her needs.

Sina and Carsten with @wander.horizons

Sina and Carsten have been coasting around Europe in their Volkswagen T4 for the past two years and have become quite the tiny living evangelists. They’ve even wrote an eBook for those looking to DIY their own camper van like they did (and they’re even generous enough to donate proceeds from the book to a charity organization that helps families in need in the Philippines. And despite their teeny floor plan, Sina, an interior designer by trade, has been able to inject a wonderful sense of her own bright and airy style.

Bec & Gary with @we_who_roam

Because who wouldn’t want to travel around Australia in a bright red van? Even the claustrophobic might reconsider tiny when they see how much Bec and Gary have packed into their home—organization tools are tucked into every available space, making the minimal square footage feels quite cozy rather than cramped.