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This Trend-Proof, Showstopping Design Piece Will Make Your Holiday Celebrations Come Alive

updated Nov 8, 2022
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Credit: Yamaha

There are few big-ticket items that withstand the test of time and look amazing in your home for decades. Even fewer that double as conversation starters and instant, interactive icebreakers at those holiday parties. In fact, we can only think of one: a piano.

You might not have a piano yourself, but we bet your parents or grandparents did. Pianos used to be staples and centerpieces of the home — part statement piece, part at-the-ready entertainment. As design objects, they’re simply stunning: sculptural instruments crafted expertly, sometimes ornately, from solid wood. Plus, those black-and-white keys are a classic color combo.

Credit: Yamaha

Pianos can also be treasured family heirlooms, passed down through generations. If you’re already imagining your crew gathered around one this holiday season singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” then you know what we mean. A piano can offer self-expression, creativity, and years of memories — all wrapped up in showstopping style.

When you think of pianos, the gleaming showpieces from Yamaha are probably what come to mind: the glossy, sonorous grands played in concert halls around the world. But you don’t need a stage-sized space (or stage-sized skills) to own one. The world’s most popular piano maker, Yamaha produces designs small to large, acoustic to digital, and modern to classic. There’s a size and style to suit any home — even apartments.

And right now, Yamaha is offering 0% APR financing for 24 months on select pianos from November 1, 2022 – January 2, 2023. So, it’s the perfect time to bring a little music home, make memories and inspire generations for years to come.

Credit: Yamaha

If you’re shopping for a small space, upright pianos like the best-selling U Series sit snugly against the wall and add stylistic and sonic richness. We also love the warm wood tone of the upright Gallery Collection, with its traditional design inspired by 19th-century European pianos. And if you’re worried about bothering the neighbors (or just want a break from your kid’s scales), the Silent Piano connects to headphones for a solo playing experience.

Credit: Yamaha

Have a little more room? The GB1K Grand is Yamaha’s top-selling baby grand, with a stately shape, choice of six lustrous finishes, and gleaming brass casters. It would look arresting in a larger living room or open-concept area that gives it ample space to shine. The GC1 Grand is equally stunning, and not just visually: a cost-efficient take on Yamaha’s famed concert pianos, it’s an excellent choice if you have serious players in the house.

Whatever style you choose, incorporating a piano into your home creates a more beautiful space, building lasting memories for your family around the joy that music brings.