We Just Changed the Color Search Game: Search By Room!

updated Oct 3, 2023
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We don’t want to brag (much), but Color Search — the Sherwin-Williams® powered tool that helps you turn House Tour color schemes into your own paint palettes — is one of our favorite AT creations. We love making our HUGE archive of House Tour images even more useful to readers — and what’s more useful than turning someone’s real-life inspiration into your own real-life results?

But as much as we love seeing that little color swatch to the right of each House Tour image, this year, for Color Search’s third birthday, we wanted to take things to a whole new level. Which is why we’re beyond psyched to introduce Color Search 3.0 and its game-changing new feature: search by room.

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Color Search 3.0 is more intuitive and personalized than ever before: You’ll notice it right away with our new “choose your own adventure” design, which lets you start a search by color or by room. Whether you’re flirting with pink walls or know you need a gray bedroom, we’ve got you covered: You can even start by room or color then narrow your results with the other! From green outdoor spaces to yellow nurseries, you’ll find everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Plus, now you can search on the fly, since Color Search 3.0 is mobile optimized.

Test Out Color Search 3.0 Now!
Here are some other shiny new features:

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1. Pre-Inspiration

Color curious? At the bottom of each search, you’ll see other color palettes and rooms that we’re loving right now to wake up your inner interior designer.

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2. Streamlined Searching

Browse better: We tweaked search features to get you to exactly what you’re looking for, and then we refined a decade of AT House Tours (!) to bring you the most beautiful and inspiring images.

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3. Effortless Adjustments

You were always able to use the Color Picker tool to tinker with selected colors and settle on the exact hue you’re looking for — now you can do it right from the search results.

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4. Color on Demand

See something you love? We’ll show you exactly where to get it. Click on each Sherwin-Williams color swatch to head right to that color’s detail page, so you can get painting faster.

With so much real-world inspiration at the tip of your fingers (and paintbrushes), you can make any decor dream a reality. We can’t wait to see what you do.

Looking for blue bathrooms? Thinking of painting your kitchen pink? Planning a mint and yellow nursery?