Weekend Upgrade: Jenna’s Organized & Energized Bathroom Cabinets

published Jun 21, 2017
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Most people have too many products in the bathroom, but Jenna has a good excuse. Actually…two good excuses, with a third on the way. When you’re a parent, at some point your bathroom will be overtaken by baby shampoo, tub toys, and washcloths, combs, barrettes, and cutesy toothbrushes, lotions and ointments and Band-Aids in every color. The list goes on. As Jenna and her husband prep for the arrival of their third child, they need to find ways to maximize the space in their bathroom.

Working with the pros at Bed Bath & Beyond, we sorted Jenna’s stuff, just by installing a few easy organization essentials. No big remodel, just a few small but smart fixes — all made in the space of one weekend.

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The Situation

Jenna and her husband have been slowly renovating their home, and the kids’ bathroom is up-to-date but out-of-control. It doubles as a guest bath, so it’s got to be baby-friendly and adult-appropriate at the same time. As Jenna says, “It needs the works, but on a smaller scale.”

Jenna works from home three days a week, and it’s important that her home feels clean and calm. With a full-time job, two dogs, two kids, and another due soon, Jenna needed one less thing to worry about — so we swept in with our Bed Bath & Beyond checklist to make her organization dreams come true.

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The Solution

With a fresh coat of paint and some organizational inserts, Jenna’s bathroom cabinet feels like a custom-designed piece. Under the sink, a stacking shelf and slide-out drawers double the usable space for bath products. Because it’s all mesh, Jenna knows exactly what’s inside each container. In another cabinet, a revolving Lazy Susan–style shelf keeps things from getting lost in the hidden recesses beneath the sink. On top of the counter, glass jars store cotton swabs and balls, as well as other often-used essentials.

Next to the shower, we removed an old storage unit and installed a wall cabinet with baskets to hold towels and washcloths. This frees up floor space, making room for a cute stool where Jenna can perch to give the kids their bath. Inside the shower, tension-mounted corner caddies add extra space for bath products, and a bath caddy organizes all the kids’ toys, all easy to pop in and out, as needed.

Switching out the hardware brought the last level of polish. A chrome towel bar, towel ring and toilet tissue holder create an understated contemporary look, and a glass shelf holds display items like family photos and a scented diffuser.

The Shopping List

Everything we needed for this project was purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond. Their associates helped us organize our list and check everything off. Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond groups their products into four different styles that customers can use to create their own look. We chose a few items from each style to make our mood board.

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