What’s Your Furniture Personality Type?

published Jul 4, 2016
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Doral Patio Collection (Image credit: American Signature Furniture)

What if furniture could be categorized by personality type? You know, so you could just swipe right when you came across a sexy leather chaise that matched your temperament. We looked at a few of our favorite pieces from American Signature Furniture to decide what their personality types would be — and whom they’re most compatible with.

Newcastle Dining Set (Image credit: American Signature Furniture)
Maya Queen Upholstered Headboard (Image credit: American Signature Furniture)

The Mentor

Mentors are natural-born leaders and organizers who bring people together, value sociability, and champion education. Just like the Newcastle Dining Set in wood and leather. Sturdy, yet comfortable and sophisticated, it’s ideal if you’re the type who always volunteers to host your book club or if you need a centralized spot to round up the kids for homework after school. These teachers can subtly surround themselves by reminders of their worldliness with prints like the Maya Upholstered Headboard whose script is appropriate to these idealist mentors.

Cleo Accent Chair (Image credit: American Signature Furniture)
Tempo Sectional (Image credit: American Signature Furniture)

The Dreamer

Dreamers are creative dreamers; John Lennon, JK Rowling and Shakespeare all fit this personality profile. So does this tufted Cleo Chair chair, a place for getting pensive both first thing in the morning and as your mind calms down before going to sleep. If you’re a creative introvert or a creature of comfort, you’ll settle in nicely to this Tempo Section for daytime dreaming. Consider comfort first and foremost when choosing your “alone time” furniture.

Venti Sectional (Image credit: American Signature Furniture)

The Entertainer

Just like Marilyn Monroe (a fellow extrovert) this red sofa LIVES to entertain large groups of guests. As extroverts who are also stylish, vivacious, and generous, this type thrives in a dynamic social environment and always want to invite others to join the party. Sound like you? Invest in a generously-sized sofa — sectionals such as the are even better if you have the space since they encourage interaction — like the Venti Sectional for your living space. Bright is alright in this case, but take the room’s overall color balance into account to be sure an addition such as this one doesn’t overwhelm the space with color.

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