What’s the Best Vacuum for Your Space?

published Jul 13, 2018
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Vacuums do a simple job, but shopping for them can seem anything but. Do you have pets? What about hardwood? Have you ever thought about carpet pile? The variations can seem confusing—but shop the right way, and you only have to think about them once. We’ve broken down some of the characteristics of your home that’ll help you find the right forever vacuum and make shopping for it a clean sweep.

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I just want to keep things simple.

If you don’t want a million bells and whistles—just reliably clean floors—a canister vacuum (like the Miele Classic C1 HomeCare) is light, easy to maneuver and it’s designed to last decades. With six adjustable suction settings and an electrobrush for intensive deep cleaning, it gets every last cat hair or dust bunny on any surface. And thanks to the retractable cord and 29.5-foot cleaning radius, it works well in any size space.

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I have a small space.

A small space doesn’t mean you should skimp on a vacuum. Find a high-performance mini model like the Miele Compact C1 HomeCare that will earn its closet space. With a turbo brush for low- and medium-pile carpets and an additional floorhead for hardwoods, it can clean an apartment that multitasks as well as you do after your 3 p.m. latte.

I have a big home with an open layout.

All the attachments, please! If you have a large home, we recommend a full-service, high-power model that is comfortable to use. The Miele Complete C3 HomeCare is an easy-to-maneuver canister that can tackle every part of a big space, from floors to drapes. It’s customizable, too. It comes with one of three floorheads, and you can choose the best one for your space. And speaking of your home’s unique quirks, extra attachments make it a very personalized vacuum, like an extended crevice nozzle that gets to small or hard-to-reach spaces and the universal dusting brush that reaches the dust on top of furniture and ceiling fans.

Prefer bagless models? Miele’s got you, too. The Blizzard CX1 HomeCare has excellent filtration with a HEPA Lifetime Filter and additional fine dust filter so you never have to come into close contact with dirt and dust.

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I have a big home with a tight layout.

We get it, you have to maneuver like a fighter pilot. For tighter layouts, we like an upright vacuum. The Miele Dynamic U1 HomeCare is super agile, with a double-jointed SwivelNeck that takes turns with ease and a slender design that lets it slide under furniture. With an operating radius of 54 feet, you can zoom from room to room without plugging and unplugging. It’s extra powerful on carpets thanks to the Power Plus floor head, which automatically adjusts to your carpet pile height. What a time to be alive!

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I live with messier-than-average people or animals.

Maybe your golden retriever has laughed every previous vacuum out of the house, or your kids spill more food than they actually eat. If you find yourself tackling major messes on the regular, we recommend considering the top-of-the-line model. In addition to perks like the Deluxe Comfort Handle with integrated controls and the cable rewind at the press of a footswitch, the Miele Complete C3 HomeCare+ has a slew of special features, including two floorheads—one’s ideal for hard floors and low-pile carpet; the other, a premium electrobrush with LED headlight. Our favorite feature might be the silence system, which keeps things whisper-quiet during naptime house cleans.

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