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7 Things in Your Home You Should Be Vacuuming…But Aren’t

published Mar 31, 2019
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Let’s talk about a secret cleaning weapon — one you’re probably already very familiar with and are probably underusing. If you’re only using your vacuum cleaner to clean your floors, you’re missing out on all the great things it can do for you. Here are seven hard-to-clean spots that the right vacuum (and the right attachments!) can make short work of.


Your Mattress

How do you clean a mattress, anyway? You can’t exactly pop it in the washing machine. Try this: The next time you change your sheets, pull out your vacuum cleaner attachments and give your mattress a once-over. Miele’s Upholstery Tool, which comes standard with every Miele vacuum, is great at sucking up all the dirt, dust, and hair that’s hiding on your mattress. You’ll sleep a little more soundly knowing you’re sleeping clean — and it won’t take all day.

The Top of the Ceiling Fan

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan, it is probably the dirtiest place in your house. While a wet paper towel will do the trick, cleaning the top of the ceiling fan with a vacuum cleaner attachment is both easier and (provided your hose is long enough) much less precarious. This is a great job for Miele’s Universal Dusting Brush, which is specifically designed to reach the tops of tall pieces of furniture — and your ceiling fan, too. Visit a local Miele HomeCare dealer to make sure you get the tools to do the job.

Above Your Cabinets

This is another neglected spot (probably because of what an annoying task it is) that the Universal Dusting Brush can make quick work of. (It’s not called Universal for nothing.) Don’t get too squicked out when you see all the dust and grime up there, because all that will soon be history.


Window treatments can really elevate the look of a room, but they’re also a huge pain to clean. And they get dusty faster than you’d think. Cleaning your curtains with an upholstery tool will have them feeling bright and fresh quickly — and you won’t even have to take them off the wall.

Tile Floors

If you think about it, a broom is less than ideal for sweeping a tile floor because you spend all that time sweeping grime only to have it hide in the grout lines. What you need is a broom…that sucks. Vacuums are great for carpeted surfaces, but with the right attachment, they work beautifully on tile and wood floors, too. Ask your local HomeCare dealer about Miele floorheads designed for smooth, delicate hard floors.


It’s a fact of life that any kind of open shelving will collect dust. And while traditional dusting can be time-consuming (and tends to push dust around the room), cleaning with a dusting brush attachment is both quicker and more efficient. With the gentle bristles on Miele’s dusting brush attachment, you can even clean objects on the shelves.

Underneath Furniture

Who wants to spend all day crouched on the ground, meticulously sweeping dust from under the furniture with a hand broom? No one, that’s who. But I guarantee that if you look under your furniture, you will find a lot of dust. Miele’s Flexible Crevice Tool is that lifesaver: From between furniture to under kitchen appliances, it lets you vacuum spaces you never thought possible. It’s almost fun.

Miele’s HomeCare collection includes seven different vacuums (and lots of different attachments!), so it can be customized to clean your household. And since the HomeCare collection is available exclusively at local dealers, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with an expert and determine exactly which vacuum best fits your cleaning needs. Each Miele HomeCare dealer also offers vacuum service, so you’ll be taken care of down the road. And because Miele HomeCare models have the best warranty on the market — 5 years for parts and labor and 10 years for the motor and casing — you know your vacuum will be working hard for you for a long, long time.