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This Workspace Upgrade Costs Less Than $10 — and Might Even Cure Your 3 pm Slump

published May 3, 2022
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If you’re making a list of the things that have changed in the past two-ish years, it’s accurate enough to just write “EVERYTHING” in all caps. If you want to write two words, you could add “our workspaces” too. The definition of “going to the office” has shifted, and a lot of people are still alternating between a commute that stretches through several stoplights and one that involves walking down the hall.

What hasn’t changed is our need to stay organized and on top of everything on our eternally unfinished to-do lists. We’ve all relied on Post-it® Notes for ages to mark dates on our calendars and stick reminders to the refrigerator. Now, Post-it Brand has a new way to help us tackle tasks: They partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to select colors to support and encourage every work mood and brighten up whichever surfaces we’re putting our laptops and planners on these days. The result? Eleven new color collections specifically designed to help us be more productive, feel inspired, and even keep our cool at work.

Credit: Post-it Brand

Find an Unexpected Productivity Boost

The secret to getting through the dreaded 3 p.m. slump? The vibrant Energy Boost collection, which can brighten your mood even on the rainiest weekdays. (And when you’re stuck on the World’s Longest Video Call.) Vital Orange, Tropical Pink, Limeade, Blue Paradise, and Sunnyside will have you alert, focused, and full of energy to finish the workday strong.

Credit: Post-it Brand

Nurture Your Ideas with Neon

Different shades can spark different ideas. Sometimes, all it takes to feel more creative and inspired is a bright pop of color. The eye-catching Supernova Neons can help foster creativity and set the stage for your next big idea. Aqua Splash, Acid Lime, Guava, Tropical Pink, and Iris Infusion also ensure that you don’t overlook the note you left for yourself yesterday.

Credit: Post-it Brand

Keep Calm and Remember You’re on Mute

When you feel a moment of stress coming on at work, a little color therapy can go a long way. Enter: the soothing blues and greens of the Oasis collection. The chill hues of Washed Denim, Fresh Mint, Limeade, Lucky Clover, and Sea Glass can remind you to stay calm and remember to breathe, even if you’re jotting down a reminder for an overdue dental appointment. Plus, anything that can make you feel more centered in the middle of the World’s Second-Longest Video Call is definitely worth keeping on your desk.