These 35 White Bathroom Ideas Are Crisp, Clean, and Cozy

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A white bathroom with white brick on the lower portion of the wall

Decorating with white may seem like you’re playing it safe because it’s easy to match, even when your style changes. However, when it comes to the bathroom, this hue is anything but boring. From all-white tiles and matching cabinets to splashes of paint and the addition of a decorative accent (or three), the color white can easily transform this area into a spa-like oasis.

There are plenty of white bathroom ideas you can try without resorting to a snoozy set up or basic finish. Toy with the idea of pairing sleek marble countertops with a striking white vanity, or bringing in pops of this bright neutral into a color-charged scheme by way of rugs or light fixtures. The possibilities are endless here. 

When you’re picking out bathroom materials, keep durability and ease of cleaning front and center. White tiles are great for floors and walls, as well as shower tiles. For countertops, think durable, non-porous materials like quartz. And when it comes to the paint, a semi-gloss finish will make bathroom cleaning a breeze. 

Tips for Using White In the Bathroom

A white bathroom is basically a blank canvas. On one hand, that’s exciting: The options are endless! On the other hand, a completely bare white space is a little intimidating because, well, the options are endless. Here are some tips to make the whole endeavor a little less complicated:

  • Shade is everything: White is white, right? Wrong. You’d be surprised how different an eggshell is from, say, an alabaster. Some shades have yellow undertones, which will give the bathroom a warm vibe. For a cooler feel, opt for a shade with blue undertones. Check out some designer-approved shades of white paint for gorgeous inspiration. 
  • Consider your lighting: If you have a window that allows a good amount of natural light into your bathroom, you can choose a cooler hue to balance the warmth. If your bathroom is windowless, though, you might want to consider a warmer white shade to complement the artificial lighting. 
  • Choose the right finish: While a flat matte finish is certainly attractive, a steamy bathroom might be more suited for a satin, semi-, or high-gloss that is easy to clean and resistant to mold.

Inspired to make a change? We rounded up 35 bright and beautiful ways to bring more white into your bathroom and turn it into a soothing spot primed for a little R&R. 

Credit: Minette Hand

1. Go for a boho vibe.

We love the boho look of the bathroom in this Charleston bungalow. White can be stark, making bathrooms look sterile without the right decor. Here, the white bathroom is warmed up with greenery, a woven light fixture, and a colorful rug.

2. Add a vintage rug.

This white bathroom is anything but boring. The owners of this Detroit home livened up their white bathroom with a vintage rug and variety of wall art that matches the space perfectly.

Credit: Selena Kirchhoff

3. Accent with warm colors.

The dreamy bathroom in this historic Amsterdam home looks straight out of a magazine. The terrazzo floor, gold accents, and wood cabinet really pop against the bright white walls.

4. Tile everywhere.

This spa-like bathroom totally deserves to be on your white bathroom vision board. Uniform white square tiles cover every surface, while dark grout and textured decor ground the space. 10/10 would shower here.

5. Incorporate soft lighting.

If you’re going for a warm look in your white bathroom, consider adding soft lighting instead of overhead lighting. Installing sconces on the walls or twinkly lights makes the bathroom feel more cozy. Adding warm wood accents also doesn’t hurt. The bathroom in this Australia home is the perfect example.

Credit: Lula Poggi

6. Mix materials.

Mixing building materials, as seen in this Barcelona loft, is a chic way to add visual interest in a white bathroom. The wood, tile, and brick give the space dimension and character.

Credit: Minette Hand

7. Decorate with contrasting colors.

Committing to a white bathroom doesn’t mean everything has to be white. Opt for dark grout between floor tiles, a dark green plant, and art pieces with dark colors to contrast with the bright white, like the homeowners did in this Austin house. This is a great option for renters who can hang dark decor, but not paint over their white walls.

Credit: Cathy Pyle

8. Install white wainscoting.

Wainscoting in bathrooms always looks classy, in our opinion. Install white wainscoting in your bathroom, like in this cozy English home, to make the space feel soft and warm. Add mood lighting, greenery, and a patterned fabric bath rug to make the space feel even more serene.

Credit: Lana Kenney

9. Incorporate funky art. 

White bathrooms don’t have to be boring. This clean and crisp bathroom in Cape Town features an abstract art print, which adds personality and a welcome pop of color. 

Credit: Stacy Lee

10. Make a bold statement with your curtain. 

Plant lover Stacy Lee’s windowless New York bathroom isn’t ideal for indoor gardening — so she made do with a fun shower curtain that highlights her personality. 

11. Keep things simple. 

The beauty of a white bathroom is that it’s inherently clean and basic. There’s no need to overthink things or add any unnecessary bells and whistles. This “relaxed Californian” bathroom is the perfect place to unwind. 

Credit: Ryan Tuttle

12. Add wooden details. 

Warm natural wood perfectly balances a clean, bright white bathroom. That’s why the bathroom in this San Francisco Bay area tiny home, with its contrasting countertop and cabinets, totally works!

Credit: Susie Lowe

13. Go for gold. 

Adding gold or brass accents and hardware will instantly make a white bathroom feel more expensive, as evidenced by this elegant bathroom in Edinborough, Scotland designed by The Pink House

Credit: Erin Shirley

14. Funk it up.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: white does not have to mean boring. Some of the best ideas involve things you add to your white background. Check out this super funky shower curtain in a DC apartment bathroom that pairs perfectly with black and white wall art and a largely white bathroom. 

Credit: Andrea Mous

15. Incorporate greenery.

Dramatic greenery in the form of plants is a perfect way to add a pop of color to a white bathroom, especially if you rent your space and can’t do much in the way of experimenting with color on the walls or changing fixtures. Adding plants, like you see in this Ontario bathroom, is one of our favorite white bathroom ideas. 

16. Add a dark hue.

The small black accent wall in this Polish bathroom proves that sometimes a touch of darkness is the perfect juxtaposition for a white bathroom. 

Credit: Jo Chattman

17. Create a gallery wall.

The hallway isn’t the only perfect spot for a gallery wall: why not add a fun collection of photos or prints in your bathroom? It’s one of the best white bathroom ideas to add a splash of visual interest to an otherwise blank slate. This Massachusetts bathroom does just that, and nails it, in our opinion. 

18. Tile a splash of color.

This whimsical boy’s bathroom is playful, funky, and white. The green strip of tiling along the walls adds just the right amount of color.

Credit: Jade Doutch

19. Get eclectic.

We are absolutely head over heels for this white bathroom by @jade.doutch. Subway tiles wrap around all four walls, creating a nice balance with the mosaic floor.

20. Do everything white but the cabinets.

Opt for an all-white bathroom with a saturated pop of color that can double as the focal point. In this charming spot, a vintage dresser is repurposed as an old school vanity, bringing in a bold splash of flair.

Credit: Liz Calka

21. Put up shelves.

This Washington, D.C. homeowner installed a couple of floating white shelves — with matching framed photos, no less — which subtly pop against the light pink walls. The additional storage and display space is simply an added bonus.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

22. Add a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re working with a small bathroom or a tight budget, remember that a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Take a cue from this light-filled bath where the white walls make it feel clean and just a touch more spacious.

23. Install subway tiles.

These rectangular tiles were made for the bathroom! As statement-worthy as they are streamlined, they make for a foolproof way to bring a refined detail into a space. These Albuquerque homeowners decked out their bathroom walls with big, blocky tiles, dark gray grout, and a colorful shower curtain, which resulted in a cheeky-meets-modern look that we love.

24. Go for a mix of materials.

You don’t have to decide between marble and subway tiles. Pick three of your favorite materials and work them all into your bathroom, like these Thousand Oaks homeowners did. The shower wall uses an all-white subway field tile, the bathroom floor is comprised of a gray-and-white mosaic tile design, and the edges of the shower and the countertop vanity feature soft, slab-style marble.

Credit: Rikki Snyder

25. Pick a design-forward curtain.

Another simple way to invite a touch of brightness to the bathroom is with a white shower curtain. Go for something decorative, like the embroidered one in this Florida bath. It’ll lift the whole look and feel of the room with its light and airy fabric.

26. All white everything.

To evoke the ultimate sense of serenity, take a heavy-handed approach to decorating with this neutral hue — the tub, cabinets, countertops, walls, decor — you name it. The combination of gray and white tiles and sleek slabs of marble here instill a dynamic finish that keeps things interesting.

Credit: Emma Fiala

27. Color-block with white tile.

If you’re not afraid of decorating with a vibrant splash of color, this one’s for you. We’re loving the sleek color blocked approach in this Minneapolis loft’s bathroom. The white subway tiles offset the intensity of the bold pink walls, which are echoed in the small side table that’s used for storage.

Credit: Brit Arnesen

28. Install a light fixture.

Let there be light in the bathroom with a statement-worthy pendant that brings on elegance and effortless flair, like in this Indiana bathroom. Lustrous accents, such as brass fixtures, are a great way to elevate a basic black-and-white scheme. A white globe style bulb or shade is always a classic.

29. Find white-framed mirrors.

Like light fixtures, mirrors and medicine cabinets are a great way to add a bit more oomph to a room. This contemporary spot features a side-by-side pair that fit seamlessly in with the all-white bathroom scheme that nails modern farmhouse style.

Credit: Minette Hand

30. Cover it all with penny tiles.

Outside of being a great option for the floors, penny tiles also work well on the walls. Consider a floor-to-ceiling display that feels both modern and playful. Wooden accents help keep the space from feeling too stark white and cold.

31. Try a simple white sink.

White touches don’t have to be big or fancy! We love the way this chrome legged sink plays off of the blue subway tile wainscoting, resulting in a modern finish with plenty of personality to boot.

32. Lay down a white rug.

Give your feet a soft, warm place to stand while you wash up by adding a simple white area rug to your bathroom. You’ll want something low-pile, so it doesn’t get overrun with dirt, that’s machine-washable, in case of any spills or stains.

Credit: Ana Kamin

33. Try off-white walls.

Not a fan of the all-white look but want to keep the bathroom light? Experiment with off-white or cream-colored materials. The chevron tiles in this San Francisco bathroom give off vintage vibes and add lots of character to this small space, thanks to their warm, multi-tonal finish.

34. Pick a show-stopping tub.

If you’ve got enough space and an open format in your bathroom, let a white clawfoot tub be the star of your bathroom. This California cabin has the prettiest one we’ve ever seen—it fits right in with the all-white surround and brightens up the space with its light, vintage vibes.

35. Switch things up with shiplap.

It’s not all about the tiles here. This gorgeous Boston bathroom comes with shiplap panels that contribute a hint of farmhouse chic to the otherwise contemporary elements of the room.