Win: A Beautiful Smart Frame from Aura

published Oct 6, 2016
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Prize: An Aura Frame
From: Aura Frames
Value: $399

You have hundreds (thousands? tens of thousands?) of pictures on your phone right now. And yet, there they sit in your photos app, a 21st-century shoebox collecting dust in a closet. It’s time to get them out of digital storage and onto an IRL wall. Aura is ready to do that.

Now, you may remember digital picture frames being all the rage in the mid-2000s. And you may remember tossing yours out after you used it twice. You may also remember that “My Humps” spent the better part of 2005 in the Billboard Hot 100. The point being: We didn’t get everything right in the mid-2000s. As for what went wrong with digital picture frames anyway, Aura figured it out.

(Image credit: Sponsored Post)

Aura is a smart picture frame that beautifully displays the photos stored on your phone. You download the Aura App and let it do its thing: It scans your camera roll and automatically groups photos by the people in them. Once you tell Aura whom you want to appear in your frame, it pulls all pictures — past and future — into its queue, no curation needed on your part. Then, the app sends the curated photos wirelessly to the frame. Each time you enter the room, it shows a new memory.

We love its next-level features. Any pics that are blurry, are too light or too dark, or have framing issues get culled, so only well-composed shots make it into the display queue. No screenshots of plane tickets and no, ahem, intimate photos make the cut, either. (We asked; they told us about their advanced nudity filters.) We also like the family share feature that lets you put photos on your family members’ frames (“We went apple picking today, Grandma!”).

The frame itself is beautiful, which becomes obvious right from its unboxing. It has a frosted body in either Ivory with Rose Gold Trim or Charcoal with Black Trim and a cloth-covered rope cord with wall managers to keep the cord flush on the wall to keep it a sleek part of the decor. (You can also stand it on a table.) It has no buttons, but is 100-percent controlled through the app. The display auto-adjusts to its room’s brightness and turns off when no presence is detected. If you want to change the photo displayed, you can either do that in the app or swipe the air in front of the frame with your hand — we tried it; it’s cool. In short, Aura is a well-thought-out, detail-oriented product that will hang proudly on a wall.

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To enter to win, fill out the form below. (We always love your comments, but to actually enter the contest you must fill out the form below!) The sweepstakes begins October 6, 2016 at 10:15 am ET and ends October 12, 2016 at 11:59 pm ET. One winner will be chosen at random. By entering the Aura Frame Giveaway, you are accepting its official rules.

Want Another Chance to Win?
In addition to Apartment Therapy’s above giveaway, you can also win an Aura Frame by uploading your favorite family photo to Instagram and tag it #auraframes in the comments. Aura will choose one winner at random and award them an Aura Frame.

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