The 20 Best DIY Project Websites of 2024 for Ideas, How-Tos, and More

updated Apr 30, 2023
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Transforming a room from a run-of-the-mill space into something you truly love is satisfying. Doing that by filling the space with your own custom-painted furniture, or by covering the walls in your own handmade abstract artwork, or by putting up shelves yourself? Well, all those DIY projects make it even more satisfying.

That said, it’s tough to know where to begin! You might be filled with creative energy and a willingness to try something new, but if you don’t have a guide to get started you might find yourself floundering. That’s why having a few trusted online DIY websites in your back pocket can be handy. Not only will these top-notch DIY resources give you endless ideas, but they’ll also provide you with the tips and tricks needed to complete a new project successfully.

Below, a list of the 20 best DIY websites from around the web, so you can keep DIY instructions and ideas at your fingertips whenever your DIY energy strikes.


If there’s one thing to love about, it’s the fact that it appeals to all types of learners. Videos can be purchased piecemeal, or you can become a member to get access to all of the courses for free.

DIYs you’ll find on

Appeals to: Everyone from dabblers who want a one-off project to more serious students who wish to hone a specific skill.

2. Crafting a Green World

If planet-friendly crafting is a must for you, head to Crafting a Green World to get creative with sustainability.

DIYs you’ll find on Crafting a Green World:

Appeals to: Those who want to reuse items creatively, as well as writers and avid colorers (including kids!).

3. Dream Green DIY

After spending time on Dream Green DIY, you’ll suddenly gain an “I can do it!” attitude as site owner Carrie Waller documents her at-home DIYs with her signature mid-century modern-infused style.

DIYs you’ll find on Dream Green DIY:

Appeals to: MCM lovers who want to work on weekend projects and quick DIY fixes.

4. Ana White

Does the very thought of woodworking scare you? It shouldn’t, especially if you put your trust in Ana White, who is nothing short of a woodworking genius. Her site is chock full of incredible, doable projects if you know how to make your way around some basic tools.

DIYs you’ll find on Ana White:

Appeals to: Someone who wants to try woodworking with small projects or someone who wants to build a major project.

5. This Old House

You don’t have to own an old home to make use of the how-to videos from This Old House — and yes, that’s the same This Old House you remember from the PBS of your childhood. They’re still airing, and still producing how-tos for great projects!

DIYs you’ll find on This Old House:

Appeals to: Build-curious DIYers and anyone looking for a hit of PBS nostalgia.

6. Damask Love

For the happiest, most colorful crafts, look no further than Damask Love. The site, run by Amber Kemp-Gerstel, specializes in grown-up projects with a playful spin.

DIYs you’ll find on Damask Love:

Appeals to: DIYers with varied tastes who want to do small projects with lots of color.

7. The House That Lars Built

Interior designer and website founder Brittany Watson Jepsen has an eye for style and carefully curates the DIY projects added to The House That Lars Built. These projects are usually colorful and often have a style that’s a little MCM, a little boho.

DIYs you’ll find on The House That Lars Built:

Appeals to: Anyone looking for offbeat decor with a colorful twist (especially holiday decor).

8. Paper & Stitch

Part DIY projects, part home design, Paper & Stitch is a thoughtfully curated place on the internet for those who crave a good weekend project or a small but creative DIY.

DIYs you’ll find on Paper & Stitch:

Appeals to: Home decor aficionados, constant redecorators, and beginning DIYers will all enjoy this site.

9. Instructables

Have you ever wondered how to make an aqueduct planter or perhaps a remote-controlled lawn mower? Maybe not, but those are two of the many wildly creative DIYs you can find on Instructables. While many of the projects are hyper niche, the free plans and more basic tutorials make this site worth scrolling through (but be warned: the quality of instructions can vary quite a bit).

DIYs you’ll find on Instructables:

Appeals to: Someone who is DIY curious or looking for inspiration to start their next project.

10. A Beautiful Mess

A comprehensive DIY list would be an ugly mess if it was missing A Beautiful Mess, one of the original DIY blog sites. Founded in 2007, this site has grown to encompass over 5,000 projects.

DIYs you’ll find on A Beautiful Mess:

Appeals to: DIYers of any skill level, especially if you want a vast amount of inspiration to spur on ideas.

11. IKEA Hackers

Even if you’ve never shopped at the Swedish store, you may start after you look at all the creative ways you can transform their pieces via the projects showcased on IKEA Hackers.

DIYs you’ll find on IKEA Hackers:

Appeals to: Those who want to turn a low-cost piece from IKEA into an eye-catching stunner.

12. Remodelaholic

Remodelaholic, founded by husband and wife duo Justin and Cassity, is full of home improvement DIYs that span indoors and out. They range from beginner-friendly DIYs to more advanced building projects with both free and purchasable plans.

DIYs you’ll find on Remodelaholic:

Appeals to: Everyone, as the site is comprehensive and filled with both quick DIYs and more in-depth home projects.

13. Build Basic

Have a little DIY experience and now want to learn how to build something, um, basic? Build Basic is the place to go. Detailed plans from founder Jenn Largesse show step-by-step instructions for beginner and intermediate projects.

DIYs you’ll find on Build Basic:

Appeals to: Intermediate DIYers who want to try their hand at woodworking.

14. Alice & Lois

For a wide range of DIYs, Alice & Lois is a great pick. For new DIYers, there are plenty of small crafts that require no skills and limited tools; more experienced DIYers can find larger home decor ideas.

DIYs you’ll find on Alice & Lois:

Appeals to: Beginning DIYers who want to make holiday decor and gifts, and more experienced DIYers looking for inspiration for home decor.

15. Studio DIY

If you want to create DIY decor for any holiday or make something cheeky to decorate your home with, Studio DIY is for you. While there are lots of ideas for quirky DIY projects, there are tons of free printables available, too.

DIYs you’ll find on Studio DIY:

Appeals to: Anyone who likes to go all-out with holiday decor or likes their DIYs with a dose of whimsy.


While offers plenty of craft supplies and kits, they also have guided video courses available for purchase so you can get clear and comprehensive instructions.

DIYs you’ll find on

Appeals to: Anyone looking for a curated list of DIYs with video guides that also have the option of all materials included.

17. Lovely Indeed

If you want to make small pieces for decor and gifts, Lovely Indeed is packed with ideas that are beginner-friendly and require limited tools and materials.

DIYs you’ll find on Lovely Indeed:

Appeals to: DIYers looking for projects that can be completed in a few hours, either to decorate their home or to give as gifts.

18. Young House Love

Young House Love is one of the original blog giants of the DIY and home decor space (it’s been around for 16 years!). Husband-and-wife team John and Sherry have fixed up seven homes of their own and have filled their site with DIYs from every stage of the home reno process.

DIYs you’ll find on Young House Love:

Appeals to: New homeowners looking for DIY upgrade ideas and decor projects.

19. I Spy DIY

Blogger Jenni Yolo of I Spy DIY has experience in both renovations and in creating DIY decor, making her blog a trove of tutorials for projects large and small.

DIYs you’ll find on I Spy DIY:

Appeals to: DIYers with some previous experience who want ideas for temporary and permanent home upgrades as well as DIY furniture and decor.

20. Room for Tuesday

Room for Tuesday features a mix of real-life room makeovers and in-depth tutorials for the projects that were part of those transformations.

DIYs you’ll find on Room for Tuesday:

Appeals to: Decor-loving DIYers whose style leans traditional.