15+ Glorious Uses for Wax Paper at Home

published Oct 10, 2014
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Add wax paper to the long list of items with surprising applications and usefulness well beyond their original purpose. Wax paper (as opposed to parchment paper) has a thin layer of wax on each side, and was designed to keep food fresh longer. Its both water resistant and non-stick — two attributes that make this handy item versatile and helpful, even outside the kitchen.

  • Rub a sheet on the teeth of a zipper to discourage snags.
  • Roll it up and insert in the neck of a bottle, and use as an impromptu funnel. The wax keeps the paper stiff.
  • Rub it on bathroom and kitchen faucets to both buff the metal, and make them more resistant to future water spots.
  • Layer the tops of kitchen cabinets with the stuff, and replace every so often instead of dusting that hard-to-dust spot.
  • If you have a door that stubbornly sticks, rub the edges to keep it from jamming as much.
  • Keep wooden salad bowls and cutting boards in good shape by giving them an extra layer of wax protection.
  • Protect the fridge from spills by covering the shelves. It makes it infinitely easier to clean.
  • Lost your wine cork after opening a bottle? Make an plug out of a wad of paper, and stick it right in there.
  • Cover bowls and plates when you use the microwave to prevent splatter.
  • If your shower curtain has trouble moving over its rods without squeaking or catching, a light rub with wax paper will help it move smoother.
  • Use it as drawer liner in your dresser.
  • Before you close up paint cans, add a sheet over the top of the paint to keep skin from forming.
  • Swipe non-stick appliances , to give it a little more non-stickiness.
  • Wrap up paint brushes to keep them from drying out in between coats.
  • If you have drafty windows in winter, use it to plug up holes. Again, the wax wards off precipitation.
  • Wrap up any delicate fabrics when you store them. The wax keeps out light and keeps colors from fading or turning yellow.
  • If you are out of kindling, wax paper makes a good fire starter.

What other uses have you discovered?

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