You've Earned It: 10 Real Life Merit Badges for When Life Gets Busy

You've Earned It: 10 Real Life Merit Badges for When Life Gets Busy

Taryn Williford
Jun 14, 2017

Some days I'm a boss lady beast, working from sunrise to sunrise getting shit done with perfect posture while I eat three square meals. Other days, I'm amazed if I can even get out of bed and remember to wash off my makeup at the end of the day. All that is to say: Sometimes life gets away from you.

Accomplishment keeps you going on those days when you have it together. But for those other moments in life (however often they may happen), we think you deserve a little encouragement, too. So we've whipped up a batch of real life merit badges, designed to boost your morale when you feel like a bit of a mess. Because it truly is the little things that keep the world (your world) together.

Thank you to Amber Day for the original illustrations!

Did laundry before running out of underwear

No commando trip to the laundromat for you this time. The ultimate sign that you're more on top of things than you think.

Unpacked my suitcase instead of living out of it

When you stop reaching for moisturizer out of a plastic baggie, you've officially shaken your vacation brain and are ready to get back to real life.

Actually ate the leftovers

So nice, you ate it twice. And that's one less Seamless order draining your bank account.

Said "yes" to an RSVP right away

Whether we're talking about a Facebook barbecue invite or wedding RSVP, it's not always easy to say "I'll be there." (Whether or not you back out at the last moment—that's up to you.)

Shopped at Target and got only what I went for

It takes a lot of willpower to stay out of the pillow aisle. And the candle aisle. And the makeup aisle. And the books. And toys.

Worked from home and put on real pants

Your Skyped-in coworkers can't tell, but you're rocking a look that says "business on top, and business on bottom."

Ate the daily recommended serving of vegetables

Whole 30 is hard. How about "Half Ass 30"? That's when you eat veggies with every meal and only drink wine Thursday through Sunday.

Cleaned without expecting company

In the words of Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin, sisters (and misters) are doin' it for themselves!

Only hit the snooze button once

If the world record for getting out of bed is under nine minutes, I'll be shocked.

Took out the trash instead of pushing it down... again

When the bin just couldn't bear any more, you made it happen.

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