10 Things in Your Home You Should Toss by the End of Summer

published Aug 30, 2015
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Spring cleaning is overrated, y’all. The best time to purge around the house is right now. The end of carefree summer offers the perfect framework to really re-assess your needs and determine exactly what products, items and pantry staples you want to bring with you into fall.

If you need a jump start on the Autumn Ablution (we’re trying to make it happen), here are 10 things around the house you should throw away by the end of summer.

Old Makeup

The useful life of makeup depends on the product and formula (here’s a great cheat sheet from Huffington Post).

Expired Medicine

Check with your friendly neighborhood pharmacist to determine the best way to dispose of old meds–most are toss-able or flushable, but some may require special handling.

Clothes You Never Wear

The name of the game is “purge.” Whether you’re after a capsule wardrobe or just a thinner closet, aim to slim down your clothes collection by Labor Day.

Running Shoes

Most athletic shoes are spent after 200 to 600 miles of running or walking, or 45 to 60 hours of basketball, aerobic dance, or tennis–depending on the type of shoe, runner’s weight, and a few other variables the New York Times covered a few years ago.

An Unusually Old Fashioned Cable & Cord Organizer (Image credit: Gregory Han)

Errant Cords & Chargers

If it’s in working order, and belongs to a device that is also in working order, stash it in a convenient place. If it misses either one of the criteria, pull an Elsa and let it go.

Outdated Electronics

That iPod you haven’t used since 2007? Toss it out.

Deformed or Discolored Plastic Food Storage Containers

Tupperware isn’t something that’s always top of mind, but you’ll feel the impact on your cabinets by throwing away old, used storage containers.

Extra Grocery Bags

If you don’t use ’em, lose ’em. That goes for the extra grocery bags that have gone untouched in your car trunk since last summer, too.

Stale Spices

The start of fall is a great time to take stock of your spice rack. Toss what’s stale, note what you need more of, and replenish in preparation for holiday meals.

Your A/C Filter

After the air conditioner has been running all summer, it’s time to check and replace the filter.

Get some help with where to toss stuff out → Make Your Home Safer (& Healthier) by Throwing Out These Things

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