10 Things to Get Done Before Labor Day

published Jul 31, 2015
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This is a public service announcement: The Halloween stuff is already out at craft stores. And I’m not sure how fall came to have a mascot, but I know that autumn is on its way when I hear people start talking about how much they miss pumpkin spice. While there are still several weeks left to enjoy the summer, it might be a good time to start thinking about the tasks you need to get done before cool weather really sets in.

1. Clean the Grill

After all those summer parties are over, give your outdoor cooker a deep clean before putting it up for the season. And you might want to think about getting a grill cover if you don’t have one already.

2. Paint, If You Plan To

If there are any indoor painting projects on your docket, tackle them now while the weather’s warm enough to keep your windows open for ventilation.

3. Wash Windows and Glass Doors

Summer comes with a lot of grime. Give all the glass around your place a good wipe down as fall creeps in.

4. Clean and Repair Your Outdoor Space

Take mental notes of any pressing tasks that need to happen on the balcony or around the backyard, then get going on them while there’s still plenty of daylight and good weather.

5. Check for Leaks Around Windows or Doors

You’ll want to inspect these areas for air drafts before the crisp fall air comes breezing in. Then install weather stripping as needed.

6. Vacuum the Vents

Clean built-up dust from vents, room fans, baseboard heaters, dryer vents and the range hood.

7. Test Your Heater

Don’t get caught in a freeze with a broken heating system. HVAC repair professionals are notoriously busy towards the end of the calendar year, so get a jump on it and check now to see if your home is ready for heating.

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8. Get the Fireplace Ready

Check the chimney for obstructions and remove soot and build-up. Then order a delivery of firewood.

9. Look Up at The Trees

They’re lovely. But also give an extra eye to any branches or limbs that are hanging over your home or car. When winter comes, the sap in trees or the weight of snow can cause branches to snap and potentially cause damage. Depending on where the tree is growing, you’ll need to trim them yourself (or hire someone to do it for you), get in touch with your neighbor or landlord, or call the proper neighborhood authority.

10. Cozy Up the Place

The very best way to get your home ready for the cool months ahead is to bring in plenty of blankets and pillows, and make sure your Netflix subscription is up to date.

What’s on your late summer to-do list?

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