10 Things You Need for a Lush, Green Lawn This Summer

updated Aug 26, 2019
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Before you can roll around in the grass or have a picnic in the backyard this summer, you need to prep your lawn. Just like you spring clean your house, now’s the time to get your yard in shape for the season by doing all those necessary tasks like removing debris, replacing grass, or taking out weeds. These ten items will help you give it a fresh start and set the groundwork for a beautiful, lush lawn come June, or you can always bring the great outdoors inside by growing grass indoors.

1. You are kicked out of the lawn care club if you don’t have a proper hose to irrigate your grass this season. The best ones are lightweight, long enough, and won’t burst on you. Try the Miracle Gro Ultra Lite Hose (50-Feet) from Amazon; $24.97

2. You’ll need a handy multi-purpose tool that’s effective yet easy on the wrist. The Radius Garden Ergonomic Aluminum Trowel from Amazon is $12.24 and ts main blade is designed to cut easily through packed soil, while the two back blade wings pull roots and weeds.

3. Not sure what kind of soil your plants need? Get a reading on your current lawn’s pH levels, before you start planting again. Your plants will thank you as they grow their way to maximum health and productivity. Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Test Kit from Amazon; $14.38

4. Your lawn needs to breathe clean, fresh air so nutrients and moisture can penetrate the soil. Aerating them also gives roots room to spread. This one bores wine cork-size plugs out of the lawn surface: Yard Butler Coring Aerator from Amazon; $29.85

5. Unless you want to stand there with a hose for a couple of hours, buy a sprinkler instead. Check out the Dramm Premium Metal Oscillating Sprinkler from Amazon, which is $44.24, and give you different spray options in a colorful and durable package. And don’t forget: Once your lawn is all set, it’s also fun for the kids during hot summer days.

6. Remove all signs of winter by getting rid of all the dead grass and lawn clippings from down inside your lawn, either with a stiff rake or a special dethatcher. The Truper Tru Tough Thatching Rake from Amazon, which retails for $36.21 will fit the bill quite nicely.

7. The ultimate accessory for your hose, a spray nozzle lets you select the correct water stream for the job, and control flow without having to turn off the water at its source. The Gilmour Trigger Pattern Nozzle from Amazon is $14.80 and has a great comfort grip.

8. Fashion and lawn prep, all in one handy product. Get your aerating done with these Lawn Aerator Sandals from Amazon. For $13.43, it’s cheaper than the aerator above, and is great for small lawns or when you don’t have the space to store large tools.

9. Part of your everyday toolkit, good gardening gloves protect your hands and spare you the blisters that come with yard work. For $17.53, the Stretch Gardening Glove with Micro Suede Palm from Amazon is a good one-time investment that will last a long time.

10. If you have spotty or bare areas in your lawn, beef up your grass with new seed. Just make sure you choose the right variety for your area of the country. Sprinkle in Scotts Turf Builder Quick Fix Mix from Amazon for $6.99, and follow the instructions on the bag.