13 Life-Saving Collapsible Items For Your Dorm

published Jul 18, 2019
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You may dream of a perfectly curated and decorated dorm, but for many, just fitting your everyday essentials into a shared space is still very much the reality. Luckily these collapsible products are here to help alleviate those tricky situations, and leave you with more space for the random items you’ll accumulate over the year (we’re looking at you, collection of barely used giveaway frisbees).

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Depending on the kind of laundry person you are, you’ll either be using this item a lot, or not at all. Either way, the handles prevent you from lugging a pillowcase of dirty clothes to the laundry room, and its compact-ness will spark much joy next to your hamper when it’s not in use.  

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Thanks to the dining halls, you won’t have to do your dishes that often, but you’ll still want a few items on hand (think: your favorite coffee mug). Chances are, the only place to wash these will be your bathroom sink—and if you’re lucky enough to have an ensuite, an over-the-sink collapsible dish rack makes it easy to let stuff dry without the need for an actual counter.

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Bowls and Cups, $14.99-$18.79

You’ll appreciate the set of bowls and cups stashed around your room the first time you make popcorn for your floor’s Channing Tatum Fan Club movie night, or need to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. These also come in handy for impromptu quad picnics.

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Yes, you can sneak back a slice of your favorite cheesecake from the dining hall for later. But honestly, these can be used for more than just food: store art supplies, bandaids, hair accessories, or anything else that needs a small, but not necessarily permanent, storage space. 

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Bring a little fanciness to your next dorm party with a “Mad Men”-esque service cart. Even those living in a dry dorm will find use in a collapsible cart, especially on move-in day, when everyone else is hogging the dolly. 

Credit: FinalStraw

More and more cafes are serving drinks sans-straw, so if you can’t enjoy a good cold brew without one, a collapsible straw (with its own adorable carrying case!) is essential. It’s easy to stash in a dresser drawer when not in use.

Credit: Herschel

Dorm rooms are typically not set up to stash large pieces of luggage, so having one that folds down to the size of an iPad is a lifesaver for quick trips home, beach days, or stashing your collection of emoji pillows when your crush unexpectedly drops by.

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These will keep things organized in your closest or under your desk—or they’ll distinguish your indie vinyl collection from your roommate’s. They’ve got soft-sided cubes that flatten half an inch when not in use. 

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The electric kettle is so under appreciated, but it’s truly the unsung hero of the college dorm room. Hot water for coffee and tea is one thing, but if you get creative enough, you can enjoy ramen, pasta, even hard boiled eggs with the help of some kettle-boiled water. A squish-down one helps save space for all of the pantry items you’ll soon be whipping up when the midnight munchies hit.

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Coffee is essential to getting up for early classes, but if you have refined tastes when it comes to the brewing process, your budget may not allow for daily pourovers. Combined with the powers of your collapsible electric kettle, this filter will give you a delicious, robust cup of coffee without a coffee maker taking up precious real estate on your desk. 

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Even rolled up, yoga mats can take up a surprisingly large amount of room. And honestly, there’s never a good place to store it where it won’t get dusty or be difficult to reach. For days when you want to namastay-in-bed longer on the weekend, a yoga mat that folds, rather than rolls, will provide the flexibility to work out in your dorm on your own time. 

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Finally, if you’re lucky enough to score a dorm room that’s big enough to host overnight guests, they will love you for having seating that breaks down into a comfortable place to sleep. 

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