17 Ridiculous Design-Related Pick Up Lines to Use at Holiday Parties

published Nov 17, 2016
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(Image credit: Hive Modern)

“Let’s make like an Egg Chair and scramble.”

It’s holiday party season, which means ample opportunities for awkward exchanges with your office crush, your neighbor crush, or your longtime friend crush (huzzah?). Ok, more like blergh. So just for fun, since we’re all design fans, let’s imagine a world where, instead of stilted small talk about craft beers or Netflix shows, we exchanged design-related pick up lines…a world like this:

(Image credit: IKEA)

Your eyes are like a trip to IKEA…I can’t find my way back out.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

I don’t know if it’s the Wright time to say this, but I think I’m Fallingwater for you.

(Image credit: 1stdibs)

I hope I don’t sound Wasilly, but you look strapping tonight.

(Image credit: knoll)

I Knoll we just met but I’d chair-ish a drink with you.

(Image credit: DWR)

Let’s make like an Arco Floor Lamp and light up the night together.

(Image credit: Tiffany & Co.)

Let’s make like an Elsa Peretti Thumbprint Champagne Cooler and chill.

(Image credit: DWR)

You’re like a Sunburst Wall Clock…timeless.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

You’re like a Chesterfield sofa…classic.

(Image credit: Knoll)

Your jawline’s like a Saarinen Tulip table…well defined.

(Image credit: MoMa Store)

You’re like a set of Bauhaus nesting tables…surprising.

(Image credit: wikipedia)

You’re like a Noguchi coffee table…curvy and out of my league.

(Image credit: PR Home)

You’re like Carrara marble…hard to pick up.

(Image credit: Smart Furniture)

I know it Eames too soon to chaise this, but you’re a ray of originality in a world full of knockoffs.

(Image credit: Cfile Daily)

Your hair is like Fallingwater, your eyes are like Glass Houses, your cheek is like a Marshmallow sofa, your lips are as red as the Tea Pot Shaped Museum in China…it’s an actual building…shaped like a tea pot…and it’s red…here let me Google it…it’ll make more sense once I Google it.

(Image credit: Design Within Reach)

I just had to come talk to you, I couldn’t let the moment pass like air through a Bertoia chair.

(Image credit: Farnsworth House)

Tonight it’s just you and Mies, baby.

*Okay, no one said these were any good, but please do report back if you try one!