This Striking Row Home Is Over 160 Years Old but Bright Colors Make It Feel Modern

published Apr 12, 2024

This Striking Row Home Is Over 160 Years Old but Bright Colors Make It Feel Modern

published Apr 12, 2024
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Designer and painter Tricia Collins has shared this two-bedroom rental in Richmond, Virginia, with her partner, Will, and their “goofy dog,” Buffy, for almost four years. As avid movers, the couple has agreed that their current 1860s classic row house (located in the historic Church Hill neighborhood) is their favorite space so far.

“It’s the most at home we have both ever felt, and we have so many special memories,” Tricia writes. “I have really let my creativity flow here.”

That artistry can be seen on the walls, as the couple has painted all of the rooms, and also in the framed artwork Tricia created. Because of their shared effort to transform the home, it’s a perfect blend of the pair. Will is more practical and minimal but has supported Tricia’s desire for color and whimsy in the space. Tricia admits that their interior designing is never fully done. 

Even though the home is an ongoing project, it still feels alive. That could be due to its historical details. 

“We have gorgeous historic features like pocket doors between our double parlors, a mantel in virtually every room, and transom windows above each door,” Tricia shares. “We also have layers of bad paint jobs, creaky floors, and lots of little quirks.” 

While those unique characteristics are special to the couple, they’re shared among friends. Tricia describes her and Will as “social introverts,” a trait that leads them to host many functions in their home. 

“Instead of using the double parlors as a living room and a dining room, we have a record/media room, which suits us much more,” Tricia explains. “We can shut the pocket doors at night and have a cozy small living space or open it up and have tons of seating for our friends.”

Being a guest in their home, spending magical evenings listening to their extensive vinyl collection, or pulling a book from their at-home library seems like a gift. It’s so fortunate to tour the space — even virtually. 



  • Record/ media room arch mural — Backdrop “Ghost Ranch”
  • Pink room/ living room — Backdrop “Studio Hours” 
  • Bedroom — Backdrop “Lobby Scene” 
  • Bathroom hallway — Valspar “Cosmic Blue”
  • Guest/office mural — Leftover “Studio Hours” and a mystery green sample quart I had.


  • Coffee table Facebook marketplace, the best Facebook marketplace score of all time!
  • Both lamps  Thrifted
  • Pillows Thrifted 
  • Rugs Thrifted
  • Green club chair — Thrifted for my very first apartment when I was 18.
  • Tulip side table — Thrifted
  • Drum side table — Target 
  • Small tchotchkes From my beloved grandmother’s house, or found at estate sales and Goodwill.
  • Art Painting of our beloved former dog, commissioned by Will for our second Christmas together, painted by our friend Thomas Sara (@two-moss); he also did the two prints above the sofa.
  • Painting of our former beloved cat — By me
  • The sofa was a big purchase from a furniture store I used to work at called LaDiff. 


  • Bottom layer rug Urban Outfitters
  • 2 top layered rugs — Thrifted 
  • Record shelf IKEA
  • Loveseat Facebook marketplace find
  • Chairs Thrifted
  • Hand chair On eBay
  • Small tchotchkes From my beloved grandmother’s house, or found at estate sales and goodwill.


  • Fun pink and green faux molding mural — DIY
  • Bed — From my childhood bedroom, which was also coincidentally painted pink and green. 
  • Top layer sheer curtains — Urban Outfitters
  • Everything else — Thrifted


  • Mural  Painted by myself
  • Rug Facebook Marketplace
  • Bedside tables Goodwill
  • Headboard Wayfair
  • Bedside lamps Target 
  • Oyster shell sculpture — Made by my mom
  • pillows  Thrifted and from Anthropologie

Thanks Tricia!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.