This 1902 House Is Full of Horrors, Including a Creepy Crawl Space

published Oct 1, 2023
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Credit: margo_black/Shutterstock

Recently, TikTok user Tiah Jean bought a house that was built in 1902 and immediately stumbled upon a lot of antiques left behind by the previous owners. Unfortunately, the items are not priceless treasures, but rather, they look like cursed objects from a horror movie.

She documented all her finds in a series of videos, with her first post showing a wall phone, old sweaters, and baby blankets, for instance. Those aren’t that creepy, but then it gets interesting. Jean then presents a door with scratches, a gargoyle, a dental chair that looks like it belongs to Sweeney Todd, and … a human skull.

There’s more. In another clip, you also see silverware shaped like bones, an antique trunk, baby shoes, a hidden closet, a baby rocker, hidden cupboards, more scratches on the walls (!!!), and a rocking chair which Jean says she can sometimes hear moving by itself. 

As if those aren’t eerie enough, Jean also reveals that there’s a secret crawl space. All her followers agreed that this was her scariest find yet. “That crawl space has something … everything else felt pretty quiet to me,” someone commented. Another added: “The way I felt the cold in my bones is crazy.”

Later, she would post a video exploring the crawl space, where she would find an old cane, the home’s original front door (which she plans to restore), old clothes and jewelry, a fire hose, a floral bowl, and mysterious items that her followers would later identify as window weights.

Thankfully, she hasn’t discovered any summoning circles or discarded Ouija boards … yet.

According to Jean, she’s been living in the house for eight years, but only managed to see the other parts of the duplex after buying the entire property recently. In the time that she’s lived there, her only weird experiences have been in the basement. The rest of the house is fine, she says, and that she has no plans of reselling or moving out anytime soon.

“I love this house so much that I feel that I can co-live with anything that’s in here already … A lot of it’s not renovated, obviously, and I think that’s where that haunted look comes in. I don’t think it’s haunted. The scariest thing in here is me, I can promise you that.”

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