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Before and After: Let This $200 Closet Redo Be Your Spring Cleaning Inspiration

published Mar 23, 2021
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Before: crowded closet full of mismatched towels

When it comes to home projects, the to-do list can sometimes feel endless — so it’s no wonder that smaller spaces often get de-prioritized in favor of bigger ones. At Tiffany Bario’s (My Eclectic Nest 5) home, the space that kept getting put off was her linen closet.

“This project was eight and a half years overdue!” Tiffany says. “It was something that I knew I needed to tackle but was at the bottom of the to-do list because I didn’t have to see the space every day so it was easy to ignore.”

But, she says, she was completely over opening the closet and having to go through a “treasure hunt” to find what she needed. “Things would fall out because they were not stored properly,” Tiffany says. “It was almost a danger zone!”

Finally, Tiffany decided to tackle the closet head-on. She emptied it out and did a major purge, keeping only the things that were necessary and that the family actually used. “That was the biggest and most important part of the project,” Tiffany says.

But the fun part was organizing and decorating the closet.

In the back of the white closet, Tiffany installed a terrazzo-look wallpaper she got at Walmart, which instantly elevates the look of the plain white closet. She also painted the white doors black, which makes a bold style statement.

Tiffany used wire baskets to store things that she knew would need to be replenished frequently so she could see them easily; for things that were used less often, she used seagrass baskets she bought at At Home.

She also smartly rearranged the closet so frequently used items, like towels, were at eye-level.

Tiffany’s closet redo took just a weekend and only cost $200, which includes the price of the supplies, storage containers, and new towels.

“I love that I don’t have to slam the closet door shut to avoid an avalanche,” Tiffany says. “Everything is easy to see and find and I have much more space.”

Tiffany also finds that this new closet is giving her motivation to stay organized: “I want to be more intentional with what I bring into our home to avoid waste and this helps to keep me on track,” she says. “If I could do it differently I would not have waited eight years to get this done!”

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