We're Calling It: The Top Kitchen Paint Colors for 2018

We're Calling It: The Top Kitchen Paint Colors for 2018

Nancy Mitchell
Jan 28, 2018
A deep green kitchen from Neptune.
(Image credit: Neptune)

One of my favorite new trends in design is the return of color to the kitchen. For the second year running, I'm taking a look at current color trends and predicting what we'll see in the kitchen in the year to come. Some of these colors you'll recognize from my 2017 predictions, while others are new to the scene. If you love both color and kitchen design, you're sure to find something to excite you here.


My #1 color prediction for kitchens this year? Green. Green is such a versatile hue, both warm and cool at the same time, and it's especially welcome in the kitchen. Let's kick things off with a few different shades of green, which all have their own special character.

(Image credit: Est Living)

Teal Green

I've already written this year about how teal green is making a big splash in kitchens. Picking such a bright color for your kitchen is a bold move, but it can result in an exciting, energizing space, like this one from Est Living.

(Image credit: Neptune)

Sage Green

Sage green is one of our favorite colors right now, and it turns out it's Pinterest's favorite color too. As evidenced by this space from Neptune, it can be absolutely perfect in a kitchen, soft and not too in-your-face but still sophisticated.

(Image credit: The D Pages)

Mint Green

And then there's mint green, another great way to bring in color without overwhelming a space. The mints I like for this year, like this one in a kitchen from The D Pages, are a bit more greyish and a little less candy-hued.

(Image credit: Klikk)

All the Green

First it was kitchens with white upper cabinets and colored lower cabinets (or vice versa), and now I'm seeing a lot of color on color looks in the kitchen. If you can't chose just one shade of green, why not combine two of your favorites? In this kitchen from Klikk, teal green and mint are a perfect pair.

(Image credit: Bolig)


It seems like every day I see a new black kitchen that I really, really love. Provided your kitchen gets ample natural light, this can be an exciting and dynamic color choice. This kitchen from Bolig pairs black cabinets with a black countertop and black faucet for a modern, sophisticated look, but you can also add elements like subway tile and white marble to keep the look from getting too heavy.

(Image credit: Fantastic Frank)


If you love the look of black but want something a little less somber, try a pale grey. In this kitchen from Fantastic Frank, a pale, warm grey pairs beautifully with white marble countertops and black appliances.

(Image credit: Dezeen)

Pale Pink

Today's pink kitchen is a little different from the pink kitchens of the past: less candy pink and more pale, muted pink. When paired with modern detailing, as in this kitchen from Dezeen, the look can be very sophisticated.

(Image credit: Ideal Home)

Marine Blue

My predictions for 2017 included a lot of muted colors, and I still really like the look of desaturated colors for the kitchen. It's a way of adding color to the space without going too crazy, and desaturated colors can read almost as neutrals, and play well with other elements in the home (since these days kitchens are often open to the rest of the living space). In this kitchen from Ideal Home, a deep marine blue is the perfect choice.

(Image credit: Klikk)
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