Here’s How the Year 2021 Smells According to One Candle Company

published Oct 25, 2021
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It’s honestly hard to believe that 2021 is almost over. With just two months and some change left in the year that people hoped would be a reprieve after 2020, many are still feeling just as socially awkward, glued to social media, and burnt out as we were at the tail end of last year. 

But Flaming Crap, a small Yorkshire, UK-based candle company, put all the positive stuff about 2021 into a candle so that we can be reminded that some good did come out of this year of recovery. And it turns out that said recovery smells pretty sweet.

After the success of Flaming Crap’s 2020 Scent candle (which smelled like banana bread, hand sanitizer, and Joe Exotic’s musky aftershave), the company decided to take on the challenge of turning 2021 into a scent — and it’s one that smells like victory.

According to Flaming Crap, The 2021 Scent is a mix of TikTok, vaccines, and #FreeBritney. The candle itself contains four unique layers and “takes you on a sensual journey through the year.”

The candle features “subtle scents of berries and cream (the ultimate TikTok trend of 2021), the clinical tinge of vaccines, #FreeBritney (her Fantasy fragrance) and honeycomb, to mark Netflix smash hit Squid Game,”per Flaming Crap co-founder Oliver Burr.

“Following the success of our 2020 Scent, we wanted to mark what was a ‘slightly’ better year,” Burr continues. “As the candle burns it takes you through four distinct and unusual layers, that complement each other marvelously. Created as a celebration of some of the year’s standout moments, it’s definitely a unique gift for the holiday period!”

And you can feel good about buying from Flaming Crap, too. The company uses vegan soy wax and recycled labels and packaging to create its goods, which can be bought over on the Flaming Crap website.

2021 was a year of wins both big and small. And even though the world still in the midst of an ongoing battle, Flaming Crap says it’s perfectly fine to stop for a moment and smell the successes.