These 7 Bedroom Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2023, According to Designers

published Jan 11, 2023
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There’s something about decorating a bedroom that feels so much more significant (and satisfying!) than any other area of the house. For starters, if you live with roommates or family, it’s the one room where you may have full creative carte blanche to make it uniquely yours. More than that, bedrooms are the do-it-all, personalized space you spend so much of your time in, both night and day.

It’s no surprise bedroom functionalities have rapidly evolved over the past few years thanks to the pandemic but so, too, have bedroom trends. And a new year means even more new styles are projected to hit the home scene. So, what’s slated to define design in 2023? I polled a handful of designers on their biggest up-and-coming bedroom trend predictions, based on industry know-how and real client requests. From popular new bedroom furnishings to smart space-saving styling ideas, these are the seven trends you can expect to see more of this year.

Credit: Aubrie Pick

Two-in-One Headboards

Somewhat reminiscent of matching bedroom sets — albeit a more cool, contemporary take — low-slung headboards with built-in nightstands will likely be a “sought-after trend for 2023,” according to Sabra Ballon, founder and principal designer of ballonSTUDIO. This double-duty furniture features extended rectangular and even arch-shaped headboard designs that sometimes span the full bed wall, paired with compact, floating shelf-style tables that bookend the mattress. The attached nightstands specifically add “instant elevation to a tranquil bedroom space,” Ballon says of the architectural look of this feature. Even better, these pieces also can maximize a small space layout.

Credit: Claire Oring
Master bedroom

Luxe Maximalism

If you’ve ever seen Slim Aaron’s 1964 “Monocled Miss” photo, you’ve gotten a feel for the bedroom trend that Sarah Storms, principal designer and founder of Styled by Storms, deems “opulent maximalism.” As a more lavish, curated take on the ever-evolving more-is-more look, this trend translates to “rich, saturated colors like crimson reds, berry, deep royal, and regal purple,” combined with “layers and layers of pattern and texture,” according to Storms. Essentially, think along the lines of making your bedroom “feel like luxury after coming home from being out in the world,” she adds.

Credit: Kalina Todorova

Spa-Inspired Spaces

As bedrooms have progressed past solely sleeping spaces (hello, home gym, office, etc.), there’s continued emphasis on establishing a calm, restful environment within your bedroom’s four walls. Kalina Todorova, a visual merchandising manager at BoConcept, explains that, because “the bedroom is a place to relax, rest and recharge… in 2023, materials, shapes, and colors are mindfully chosen to elevate the space to a spa-like sanctuary.” To pull off your own thoughtful at-home oasis, she suggests prioritizing decorative elements that are “honest, soft, and natural, like linen, wool, cotton, wood, natural stone, and marble.” A cozy bouclé cushion or chair wouldn’t hurt either.

Five-Star Style

In a similar vein, Amy Forshew, owner and principal designer of Proximity Interiors, expects hotel-quality touches to majorly define 2023 bedroom decor, in part thanks to pop culture influences. “‘The White Lotus’ craze has inspired upholstered beds, crisp white layered bedding, and luxurious amenities like beverage fridges and sitting areas,” she says. “As constant travel is on trend, this aesthetic is a way to satisfy wanderlust without ever leaving your home.”

Credit: Hurd Homes

Over-the-Nightstand Lighting

No nightstand room? No problem: Designer Nicole Hurd of Florida-based Hurd Homes actually expects hanging pendants to take over table lamps and sconces as the bedside lighting of choice. “Pendants, instead of traditional nightstand lamps, are a sleek and space-saving alternative to the traditional clunky lamp on a nightstand,” she says. On top of easy install (yes, even renters can partake — no hardwiring needed!), this trend instantly de-clutters nightstand tabletops while adding sophistication to a space, says Hurd.

Credit: Blessed Little Bungalow

Versatile Layers

When it comes to adding more decorative layers in the bedroom, think beyond just top-of-bed bolster or throw pillows. In fact, designer Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow has recently been noticing more dimension and styling opportunities via “bedding, layered rugs, and collected sitting areas to unwind.” Even playing with prints can introduce more depth. Guyton recommends two approaches here: either layering patterns with other complementary patterns or using the same pattern across walls, curtains, and textiles for decorative emphasis.

Canopy Beds

Elegant-looking canopy and four-poster beds arguably never went out of style, but they’re now officially back in full force, says designer Amanda Barnes. Beyond just the traditional boxy silhouettes though, she notes that, “There are options with arched and rectangular framing in all different metal and wood finishes, and some are even wrapped in upholstery.” Yes, these pieces do take up more square footage and visual space than your average bed frame, but paired with curtains, canopy beds can actually help lock in warmth on cold nights and establish a more secluded sleeping zone — especially so in studio apartments.