The 10 Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2023 So Far, According to Designers

published Sep 10, 2023
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White kitchen with triangle patterned tile backsplash, interesting pendant lights and wood floors
Credit: Carly Jara

When it comes to the biggest kitchen trends of the year so far, all-white cook spaces and classic black-and-white kitchens are taking a backseat to bolder palettes, walk-in pantries, and statement-making range hoods. What else are interior designers seeing in their crystal balls? Here, eight pros, located all across the United States, are sharing their insight on these popular kitchen features as well as other surging styles when it comes to backsplashes, lighting, and finishes. And if you’re a color lover, you’re in luck! Now is certainly the time to go big with vibrant hues in your cooking space. 

1. Statement Lighting 

Basic kitchen lighting and recessed cans aren’t as popular right now as more ornate styles. “Lighting has taken a bold turn this year, with designers embracing sculptural and artistic fixtures to make a statement in the kitchen,” explains designer Marie Cloud, the founder of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio. “These fixtures not only provide functional lighting but also double as works of art.” Specifically, consider installing an intricate pendant light above the kitchen island or dining table, Cloud suggests.

Credit: Anna Routh Barzin

2. Mixed Materials

Don’t be afraid to mix and match various materials — including glass, metals, bamboo, and more — within your kitchen, Cloud says. Like Cloud, designer Lauren McKay, the founder of Lauren McKay Interiors, agrees that juxtaposing contrasting  finishes is one way to embrace a more personal, unique aesthetic to create a lasting look. “Polished brass may scream ‘80s, but when you mix metal tones, there’s no defining timeframe,” she notes. 

Credit: Andrew Bui

3. Non-Stainless Steel Finished Appliances

Audrey Curl, the principal designer and founder of Audrey Curl Interiors, has noticed a greater interest in white and colored appliances versus more traditional stainless steel ones. “I think white appliances contrast nicely with the other emerging trends, like wallpaper in the kitchen on a focal wall, brass finishes, and colored cabinetry,” she says. 

Credit: David Cleveland

4. Custom Statement Hoods

Who says your range hood has to be plain and simple? “Hoods are a great area to explore and reinvent,” says designer Susan Knof, creative director and owner of KNOF design. In a recent project, she incorporated a textured handmade tile hood. McKay has seen hoods that are larger than ever before, too, and has noticed materials such as stone, tile, and wood popping up in this focal feature as well. 

Credit: Kyle J. Caldwell

5. Earth Tones and Natural Woods

Many people are turning to nature when selecting a color scheme for their kitchen. “Neutral and earthy color palettes have been making waves in kitchen design this year,” Cloud says. Think warm terracottas, soft sage greens, and muted taupes. “Designers are pairing these soothing hues with contrasting textures, like rough-hewn wood and matte finishes, to create a balanced and inviting ambiance,” Cloud shares. 

Shannon Murray Petruzello, the owner and principal designer of Shannon Murray Interiors, notes that homeowners are “moving away from all-white kitchens to a more warm aesthetic by adding oak cabinetry to all or a portion of the kitchen.” Those who are hesitant to go all in with oak can consider installing floating shelves made from the wood or simply tackling their upper cabinets, Murray adds. “It’s a way to transform an all-white stark kitchen and give it a bit more personality.” 

Credit: Margaret Larson

6. Bold Hues

Warm neutrals may be surging, but there’s another color story taking hold, too: all things bold and saturated, from vibrant technicolors to rich jewel tones. “We are getting so many requests for more bold kitchens; ones that are more playful and oddly enough feel more timeless in a way,” says designer Taylor Fusco, the founder of Tay Fusco Design. “Our clients that come to us usually want to take a risk, and the last thing they want is a plain white kitchen,” adds Fusco.

Credit: Carly Jara

7. Striking Tile

On a related note, designer Sarah Elizabeth, the founder of Sarah Elizabeth Design, has witnessed an influx of more colorful tile choices in 2023. “The tile should reflect the homeowner’s style, and we are seeing that come through more,” she says. When designing a young professional’s kitchen recently (pictured here), she used a triangular-shaped marble tile with blue and metallic lines woven throughout it. “The impact is immense, reading like artwork and adding a ton of personality and interest,” she says. 

Credit: Nicole Hoffelt of Nicole Diane Photo

8. Hidden Pantries, Sculleries, and Cabinetry Inserts

Many people are opting for a full wall of cabinetry that leads to a hidden pantry, which Murray describes as a “secret room.” A spot like this contains space for essentials, including countertop appliances, dry ingredients, boxed and canned food, and more, she explains. And within the pantry and beyond, clients are prioritizing customized cabinetry inserts, says Alison Haltom, the founder and lead designer of Design for Living. “From trash and recycle pull outs next to the sink to pantry and drawer organizers, customized cabinet inserts help to maximize storage and define zones in your kitchen.” 

Relatedly, on the very high-end of the kitchen design spectrum, sculleries, or auxiliary kitchens, are having a moment again. “Hidden functional kitchens allow our clients to keep their main space a show stopper,” McKay says. “It’s a great space for a caterer to use when hosting, also!” 

9. Tech-Integrated Smart Kitchens 

Ever-evolving technological developments continue to affect many facets of our lives and are making their way into kitchens in a meaningful way. As Cloud explains, the market is seeing an influx of AI-powered appliances, automated lighting, touchless faucets, and more. “Designers are finding creative ways to seamlessly incorporate these technologies while maintaining a cohesive and stylish look,” she says. “Smart kitchen design isn’t just about functionality but also about creating a futuristic and sophisticated atmosphere.” 

Credit: David Cleveland

10. Coffee and Wine Bars

To add a touch of luxury to the kitchen in an approachable way, many people are opting for designated coffee and wine bars, Knof says. As she puts it, “Make your house feel like a luxury hotel!” All it takes is a little corner or niche that you can build out with shelving and other accouterments.