The Most Popular Color Palette for 2023 Is So Easy to Do

published Dec 14, 2022
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With color being an integral element of how people design their homes, recently spoke to 52 interior design experts to give homeowners an idea about the most popular paint and wallpaper trends in the coming year. 

“These include not only things like the color of the year, but also what industry experts are seeing and experiencing in their work each day,” the company explained their methodology. “These include palettes, individual color choices, wallpaper trends, how people will be incorporating new colors into their homes, and what colors will be best for resale.”

The result is a comprehensive report that any homeowner with renovation plans should see. From botanical-patterned wallpaper to buyer-friendly warm neutrals, these are the colors you should expect to see (and use) a lot in 2023.

The most popular palette of 2023: Neutrals with pops of bold

According to 58 percent of experts, neutrals with pops of bold will be next year’s favorite color palette. In the past few years, warm neutrals and earthy tones were the most popular choices, but with homeowners getting bolder, so do have their choices of accents and secondary palettes become.

“For anyone that has always wanted to go a little richer in tone, but who has hesitated to do so, a neutral palette with a pop of bold color is the perfect solution,” wrote Fixr.

Terracotta is the most popular color of the year

The rich, red-brown color associated with earthenware sculptures and pots was picked by half of the surveyed experts. Tied in second place with 40 percent each are the colors clay, creamy white, and deep, pewter green. And completing the top five is indigo with 37 percent of respondents.

“Interestingly, most of these top colors can be combined in varying ways to create palettes that would work well with this year’s trends,” the company added. “Many of these shades can work beautifully with one another or will stand well on their own for those wanting to use just one color in the room.”

Wallpaper is here to stay, and botanical patterns are everyone’s favorite

96 percent of experts said that wallpaper will remain big in 2023, and more than half also think that it will get bigger. 

“It shows no signs of slowing down in its growth,” the report said, adding that, “… it’s not likely to go out of style or make your home look dated any time soon. So even those that may be late to embrace this wallcovering can still get in on the trend and capture some of its vibrancy and appeal for themselves.”

Out of the different patterns available — from retro to art deco — 52 percent of respondents believe that botanical-patterned wallpapers are the top choice. This comes as no surprise with people seeking to introduce more of the outdoors into indoor spaces as they continue remote work at home.

Best place to get creative? The powder room

And as to where homeowners are incorporating wallpaper the most, it’s overwhelmingly the powder room. About 84% of experts agreed that the space will be a priority for most people because it’s the room most used by guests, but not so much by the family. 

“This means that you’re less likely to get tired of a pattern quickly, while it lets you show off something special to visitors.”

Other rooms that experts think will get the wallpaper treatment are the: bedroom (47 percent), dining room (44 percent), ceiling (26 percent), and the entryway (23 percent).

Warm neutrals are the top colors that can help sell your home

82 percent of experts feel that buyers will like your home more if your interiors have warm neutrals, which are seen as fresh, welcoming, and safe. Fixr warns, though, that adding a bold accent can be risky (despite it being 2023’s most popular palette), as not everyone might share your taste in strong colors.

As for the exterior colors, 74 percent of experts recommended white as a simple but profitable choice for sellers, followed by natural wood stains (42 percent), tan (39 percent), cream (37 percent), and gray (23 percent).

“A fresh coat of white paint can make a home look clean and fresh,” the company said. “It also lets you use a lot of different colors for shutters, trim, and the front door, so you can personalize it to highlight and show off your home’s best features.”

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