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4 Busy Professionals on How They Will Prioritize Their Sleep This Spring — and Why They’ll Do It

published Mar 31, 2023
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Quality sleep isn’t just something we need for our health. Those eight (-ish) hours are important, but they’re also preparation for all the hours that come after: the time we spend on our passion projects, families, and goals. Waking up refreshed — as in actually awake — sets us up to live our best lives until it’s time to go to sleep again.

And, like our best lives, our best night’s sleep looks a little different for everybody. Tuft & Needle understands this, which is why they offer a variety of sleep solutions that you can combine to create the bedroom of your dreams. From mattresses to sheets, pillows to alarm clocks, Tuft & Needle works with your natural sleep preferences, so that you can focus on what you’re most excited to do when you wake up. We asked a few of our own staffers here at Apartment Therapy how they do just that.

Credit: Tuft and Needle

1. Start with the Right Environment

Kristina has two kids under the age of five, so when it’s time for bed, she needs extra insurance that she can get uninterrupted rest to do it all again the next day. “I keep the temperature lower at night to reduce the chances of waking up sweaty,” she says. “I also like to change our bedsheets often, because I think that makes for better sleep. And I’m a firm believer in blackout curtains — I have them in my bedroom as well as both of my kids’ bedrooms.”

Try this: There is really nothing more satisfying than crawling into a bed made with cool, fresh sheets. Tuft & Needle’s linen sheets are made with 100-percent European flax, for a cool-to-the-touch feel that gets softer with every wash. If you prefer a crisper texture, try their organic percale sheets, made of exceptionally soft and breathable cotton for that cool feeling that makes us excited to jump into bed every night.

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2. Don’t Skip Wind-Down Time

For AT founder and CEO Maxwell, a good night’s sleep is crucial for both having a great week at work and keeping up with the creative writing he does on the side. And for him, sleep starts way before bed. “My recipe has become a regimen,” he says. “1. A soft mattress and bed setup 2. A hot bath 3. Meditate for 10 minutes 4. Get in bed with a good book. I sleep like a baby.”

Try this: Having a good mattress is non-negotiable. Set yourself up for sleep success with the new Mint Hybrid Mattress, which features T&N Adaptive® Foam, micro diamond memory foam, and bouncy springs — a trifecta of dreamy comfort. Top off your sleep setup with fresh bedding in the breathable fabric of your choice like percale, linen, jersey, and hemp.

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3. Keep a Routine

Kim lives in Hawaii but works East Coast hours, so sticking to a steady sleep pattern is key. “Sleep has never been more important for me,” she says. “Since I get limited amounts of it, the quality has to be good. What works for me: 1. Shutting down any screens an hour before bed.  2. NAPS!  I take a 20–30-minute nap most afternoons, and I make it a point to get into bed for them.  3. Comfortable pillows.  I tend to prefer something on the firmer side, which keeps me aligned and comfortable so I stay asleep longer.”

Try this: Anyone who’s ever spent the night on a friend’s couch knows the importance of a good pillow. The breathable Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow is the perfect combination of supportive and squishy. (That’s a technical sleep term.) Designed to adapt to your body, however you sleep, it will keep its shape all night.

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4. Go to Bed Early

As a new working mom to a 10-month-old, Rebecca simply must prioritize sleep! “It’s essential to how I tackle my day,” she says. “It fuels my 20-minute morning workout, helps me be a patient and loving mom, and helps me be more efficient at work. From the minute I wake up, I am on the go, running 100 miles per hour, so I go to sleep pretty early. I use a white noise machine and eye mask, which not only help me go to sleep but stay asleep.”

Try this: Silence is golden — it’s also impossible to come by. White noise is the next best thing, drowning out noisy neighbors and street traffic to provide a steady soundscape that will lull you to dreamland. The Tuft & Needle White Noise Machine, made in collaboration with SNOOZ, uses natural real-fan noise and has an optional app with remote control and timers.