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4 ‘Work from Hybrid’ Principles That Add Flexibility to Your Home Office

published Dec 10, 2021
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Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela; Stylist: Margaret Ward

You may be one of the many (many) people who have been going back to an office to work IRL, at least for a few days each week. Making your “work from hybrid” schedule support all your work styles and needs can be a challenge, but taking a second look at your space is a great place to find solutions. A few adjustments at home or at the office can really help you use both spaces more efficiently and effectively.

While everyone’s work from hybrid setup will be different, paying attention to fundamentals like the physical layout of your desk or how easily you can grab your essentials is universally beneficial. To find your own inspiration, see the hybrid space we put together with help from the workplace experts at Staples Connect™, the center for home and office equipment at Staples Store. Hybrid work needs a hybrid space, so visit your local Staples Connect to get the perfect tools to create yours!

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Make your workspace work for you

At the office, you might have an ergonomic setup that makes it easy to stay comfortable — and as a result, focus on your work. Embrace the same principle at home with an adjustable height desk, which lets you switch positions throughout the day and make sure your work surface fits your exact chair height (the friendly reminder to sit up straight is appreciated, too).

Adjustable lighting is another important (and easily overlooked!) office essential worth adding to your home. Pick a desk lamp with multiple brightness options and a flexible neck to let you shine a spotlight wherever you need it. (Your unstrained eyes will thank you.)

Accessorize with purpose

The right desk accessories can help keep you on task, too. If your smartphone tends to be a distraction, prevent time-zapping scrolling sessions by adding a simple, modern wall clock to know when to hop on a call or head out the door. Don’t forget to add some personal touches to your work area — fabric pin boards have a softer, more stylish look than traditional cork boards. They’re ideal for keeping track of everything from to-do lists, notes, and receipts to photos and mementos. You can even hang a few masks so you’ll always have one to grab when it’s time to head to the office.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael Moutela; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Keep clutter at bay 

A desk in disarray can be a huge distraction not only when you’re trying to get work done, but also when you need to sift through things to pack your work bag (and are already running late!). Try tucking a two-drawer file cabinet beneath your desk to add instant storage space (don’t forget the hanging folders). For everyday items or supplies you want to keep within reach, choose a file organizer that adds a fun pop of color to your desk. A dry-erase whiteboard that sits at the back of your desk can help you plot out your to-do list or brainstorm your next great idea. Just snap a photo on your phone so you can reference it when you’re out!

Simplify packing up

As you transition to more face time at your job, having a bag that you can quickly load up with your workday essentials will make getting out the door (and coming back home) much easier. Investing in a laptop with a long battery life also makes working away from your normal workstation super convenient (even if you forget your charger). And if you like working in cafés or co-working spaces, keeping a foldable keyboard and wireless mouse in your bag will add comfort to any workspace.