Get Anthropologie’s Signature Scent for Less With These Budget Alternatives

updated Nov 3, 2022
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(Image credit: Capri Blue)

Last week, I shared my adoration for Capri Blue’s Volcano, Anthropologie’s signature scent. The $28 candle is one of my personal little luxuries at home. I don’t spend a ton of money on takeout, nor do I regularly have expensive fresh cut flowers (I prefer $4 eucalyptus bunches from Trader Joe’s), but I do tend to splurge on candles and I’m not sorry about it. I do, however, completely understand how spending nearly $30 on some scented wax is a bit extra — as did some of our readers who offered up some Volcano dupes.

Along with the reader-suggested smell-alike budget candles, I dug up two others recommended by the Internet, most under $10. (Disclaimer, I myself have not tried any of these, so I can’t vouch for how closely they match the scent of Volcano, but for the price, they’re certainly worth a try!)

(Image credit: Target)

From user moffett: “Target carries a candle that smells identical to the Anthro candle, for a fraction of the price. It’s called Island Moonlight in the Bella by Illume collection and it only costs $10.99. Best of all, it’s always in stock!”

(Image credit: Wal-Mart)

From user HezJenn: “I have a Wal-mart (I know, I know) candle that gives me the same vibe without the price tag. It’s 719 Walnut Avenue Caribbean Villa and I think it may have been a spring/summer candle. I bought several and discovered I really like the candle itself in addition to the scent.” Looks like that specific candle is sold out online (maybe people are already on to this dupe?), but be sure to check stores.

(Image credit: Amazon)

From user lalie: “I discovered that a limited-edition Trader Joe’s candle (Mango Tangerine) smells almost identical, and I’m still kicking myself for not buying out their stock while they had them. I’ve been buying other mango-scented candles since, and they get close, but not quite ‘it’. The TJ’s version was pretty much a dupe.” The seasonal item may not be available in stores currently, but you can pick it up for a little bit of a premium on Amazon.

(Image credit: Target)

From Sierra of Fabu-Less: “I am a huge candle lover. My all time favorite candle is Capri Blue’s Volcano candle. Capri Blue describes the scent as “tropical fruits and sugared citrus”. This candle comes in a variety of stylish cans and jars. The only downside to this candle is it’s somewhat pricey. Luckily, a friend of mine mentioned that she found a Volcano dupe! I immediately doubted her, thinking there is no way there is another candle that smells as amazing for less. I am so happy that I was proven wrong. Thank you Target for creating the Bali Sunrise candle. It is less than half the price and smells just as good.”

(Image credit: Target)

From Russanne Kathleen of Saying What You Won’t: “Have you smelled the celestial smell of Anthropologie’s notorious Capri Blue candle in the scent Volcano? It better be the perma scent that’s in heaven, because daaannnnng. I have that candle sitting on a pretty shelf in my bathroom, and it’s only for looking, not for touching. A little on the pricey side, so what I have been doing for the last 5 years is searching for a Volcano candle dupe. And I found it. Run your cute little buns to Target and buy yourself the Choose Happiness candle in the Sparkling Yuzu and Lime scent. For a fraction of the cost. You are welcome.”