5 Cleaning Products that Make Me Feel Like a Fancy Lady When I Buy Them

published Mar 28, 2017
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(Image credit: Caldrea)

At the grocery store, I’m the queen of store brands. I don’t have such discerning taste that the Publix-brand paprika or yogurt seems any lesser-tasting than the name brand on the shelf with a higher price on the label. (And you know that often the store brands are exactly the same as the name brand, right?) But there ARE times when I’m willing to splurge. It doesn’t only have to do with quality—although that’s certainly a part of it. The main reason I’ll opt to splurge on a consumable is far less distinguished: I like the packaging, and using pretty-looking stuff gives me some simple joy in my day and makes me feel kinda fancy.

Cleaning is one of those occasions where I believe in treating yourself. Chores are, well— a chore, and anything you can do to make the task more bearable (and dare I say it? downright fun!) is worth the extra money, in my eyes.

So much like I might go out and buy myself a new pair of yoga pants to get the motivation to head back into a gym routine, when I’m facing a big clean (like the ever-present and always-intimidating Spring Cleaning), I will reach for one of these brands:

When you head to their site to learn about the philosophy behind the frangrance-forward homekeeping brand, the folks at Caldrea will tell you their aim is to “provide the most gratifying and thoroughly addictive home and body care products available.” I just happen to like the colorful patterns.

(Image credit: The Good Home Co.)

If you’re looking for a product with a conscience, try something from this line of cruelty-free, phosphate-free natural home care and laundry products. If you’re looking for something pretty to sit out by the laundry, their glass bottles of laundry detergent are great for that, too.

(Image credit: Common Good)

If you’re adopting a zero-waste philosophy, you might like to check out Common Good, who formulate their products with gentle plant-based ingredients, and design their business (and bottles!) around refill stations you can find across the country.

(Image credit: The Laundress)

Until I discovered this New York company, I never knew laundry could be so chic. But it makes sense: You invest a lot into your wardrobe, why would you skimp on the stuff you use to clean it?

(Image credit: J.R. Watkins)

Some of the others on this list are most easily found online, not in your local grocery store, making what should be a tiny splurge into a bit more of a big spend. When all I need is a pretty bottle of hand soap for the bathroom or kitchen counter, I love J.R. Watkins. They’re a 150-year-old company making natural home care products in apothecary-styled bottles right in the at home in the U.S. of A, and you can probably find them on a shelf nearby.

Do you have favorite cleaning supplies that you love the look of?