Keeping It Clean: 5 PG-Rated Comedy Specials On Netflix

published Sep 6, 2013
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Here are five comedy concerts to stream on Netflix where the language is kept clean (the worst it gets is similar to prime time television programming humor), but the laughs are plentiful:

1. Jim Gaffigan’s Mr. Universe
Gaffigan has been given the unofficial title of “America’s Cleanest Comedian” and with good reason. He’s wickedly funny, but never wicked. His latest special doesn’t disappoint either, touching on a variety of pop culture topic observations across the spectrum.

2. Bill Engvall’s Here’s Your Sign
It’s been a while since country music radio played a classic tune with the “here’s your sign” refrain – so this early 2000’s special will bring back feelings of nostalgia, while still ringing true today.

3. Frank Caliendo’s All Over the Place
This special was taped for TBS, so it’s safe for prime time. Caliendo’s impressions are well executed, amusing caricatures of celebrities such as (former) President George Bush, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and “turrible” Charles Barkley

4. John Hodgman’s Ragnarok
John Hodgman, whom you may recognize back from his days as the “PC Guy” from the Apple commercials, his appearances on the Daily Show, alongside his book, The Areas of My Expertise, brings a clean and intellectual brand of comedy.

5. Jim Gaffigan’s Beyond the Pale
If Mr. Universe isn’t enough, go for Gaffigan’s breakout classic. With so few clean comedians, he deserves all the attention he gets.

I regret there isn’t any early Ellen DeGeneres or Bill Cosby available for streaming via Netflix yet, both longtime comedy favorites. But for DVD subscribers I’d recommend checking out their early comedy routines, as both bring thoughtful and funny insight sans the dirty mouth delivery.

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