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5 Secrets to Make Your Room Look Especially Clean with a Vacuum

published Sep 1, 2020
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You know how to clean your place. But do you know how to get it really, really clean? The kind of strangely satisfying clean where you can actually see those lines form on the carpet as you vacuum? We’ll let you in on a few secrets that give a room that extra pop.

For starters, invest in a high-quality, high performing vacuum that will last for years — aka, one that won’t become less effective after using it for a little while. Getting the right results has a lot to do with having the right tools. We’ve long been fans of Miele’s HomeCare Collection, a line of vacuums that are built to last. Once you have that covered, try doing some of these five tips to get that sweet, sweet deep-clean feeling every time you vacuum. They’ll make a surprisingly big difference in your space.

1. Vacuum rugs from multiple angles — think x-axis and y-axis — so you hit all sides of the fibers.

Cleaning is an art, and you are the artist. If making lines on the carpet is satisfying, then what about crosshatches? They’re what make a room look like it’s been cared for by the queen’s staff, but more importantly, doing this means you’ll clean the entire carpet (front and back) instead of just the front. Miele’s Electro Brush Floorhead attachment is specifically designed for medium to high-pile carpet, and it has five different height adjustments to suck out dirt from just the right level.

2. Vacuum your furniture.

Your vacuum isn’t just for your floors. Instead of letting crumbs fall between your couch cushions, give your sofa a vacuuming — yes, really! A quick sweep with the Upholstery Tool attachment will do the trick. It makes quick work of cleaning stubborn pet hair, lint, dirt, and dust from not just upholstery, but also curtains.

3. For a room to have that ta-da! feeling, vacuum from the far corner out so you don’t get footprints on the clean floor.

If you’re a home cleaning perfectionist, you might identify with most of these practices. Being strategic about where you start means that you won’t paint (or vacuum) yourself into a corner. Plus, you’ll have that much more satisfaction when admiring your lovely, picture-perfectly clean home.

4. Vacuum the “frame” of your room — the part of the walls that meet the floor — to make the clean floor really pop.

If your mom ever made you wipe down the baseboards as a kid, you know how arduous a task it can be. Save yourself the trouble by regularly giving the bottom of your walls a little attention with the vacuum, which will set off your clean floor to great effect. Miele’s Dusting Brush is great for this (and great for other surfaces, too).

5. Flip your rug over and vacuum the underside to get all the particles that have settled at the base of the pile.

Obviously this is a project for a deep-clean day, but it’s worth doing a couple of times a year for that ultimate deep-clean satisfaction. You’re so thorough that dirt has no place to hide.

You can learn more about Miele’s HomeCare Collection on their website. These vacuums are only available through local dealers. These experts can help you pick the model that’s just right for you and your home, so you’ll feel satisfied that you’re making a purchase that will make you feel good about cleaning — and provide you with satisfaction for many, many years to come.