5 Ways Pet Owners Can Keep Their Spaces Looking Stylish

published Mar 29, 2018
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(Image credit: Echo + Earl for Crypton Home)

If you own a pet, you know the issue: How can I have all the cuddles in the world without my home feeling like a kennel? Pets add a lot of little challenges to good housekeeping, but they’re undeniably worth it, fur balls and all. Fortunately, we have some smart solutions to help you keep your space clean and your design fresh. Because no one should sacrifice snuggles for style.

1. Hide in plain sight.

Not every aspect of pet ownership is ready for Instagram (we’re looking at you, gross chew toys). But a little creativity in the storage department can go a long way. A chic container or basket can complement your design while keeping those less than desirable pet-related objects (hidden litter box, anyone?) out of sight.

(Image credit: Echo + Earl for Crypton Home)

2. Design smarter.

Your furniture doesn’t have to look like something your cat coughed up: There are gorgeous options these days for performance fabrics that stand up to dirt, fur and odors without screaming “boring office park.” Design blogger Anne Sage, shown up top with half of her household menagerie, outfitted her sunny LA home with an amazing fabric option that makes #petlife a breeze.

Crypton Home Fabric has been in the performance fabric game for 25 years, and until recently was a designers-only secret. Now their durable home fabrics are available as an upholstery option pretty much anywhere you shop for home furnishings. They’re stylish enough for any space and they stay stylish: Crypton fabrics are easy to clean, with built-in stain repellency and soil release, and they stay smelling fresh thanks to built-in odor resistance. When selecting any fabric always consider the weave. Crypton is offered in many styles, fibers and textures. Beautiful and pet friendly choices include tightly woven ducks and chambrays or luxurious velvets and suede looks.

Check out this hardworking fabric in action:

3. Keep it clean.

Stay vigilant in the fight against fur balls: You’d be surprised where those little hairs end up. Do a weekly sweep to keep things looking tidy. This handy guide is great for getting ready for houseguests, but it’s also a helpful little tidying-up plan for pet owners.

(Image credit: Echo + Earl for Crypton Home)

4. Let your style shine.

DIY projects aren’t just for humans. Pamper your pet and your place with a how-to—from collars to mod food stations—that ups the ante on anything you’d find at a pet goods store.

(Image credit: Echo + Earl for Crypton Home)

5. Add the right touches of green.

Our plant motto? More. They add oxygen, color and life to every room. But make sure you choose ones that play nicely with pets—some can cause sickness. This list of worry-free plants is a good start while this one tells you what to avoid.

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