Get Your Online Dating Profile in Shape for Cuffing Season

Get Your Online Dating Profile in Shape for Cuffing Season

Brittney Morgan
Aug 31, 2016

The warm weather is winding down and the leaves will soon start to turn, but that's not the only change in the air. If it feels like people are settling down everywhere you turn, don't worry, it's not just you—cuffing season is upon us.

Not everyone feels relationship-ready come the end of summer, but if you find yourself wishing for someone to come home to, it might be time to overhaul your dating apps. With a few tweaks, you can reach profile perfection. It's like they say: be the Tinder match you wish to see in the world.

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Put Your Best Selfie Forward

First impressions count, and that's why the default photo on your profile should be the best one you've got. With apps like Tinder and Bumble, you only have a limited amount of photos, so make them count. Your photos should do two things: One, accurately depict what you look like (of course), and two, they should show off your personality a little.

Do: Include at least one full-length photo, a photo of you with friends, and a photo of you doing something you love.

Don't: Lead with a group photo, or matches won't know which one you are. Other things to avoid: Posting photos with your face cropped out, and posting photos with other people's children and writing "not my kid" in your profile—that's just weird.

Remember: (Paragraph) Size Matters

Your OkCupid profile surely isn't the next great novel (even if your crazy dating experiences inspire one) so it definitely shouldn't rival one in length. Regardless of the app you're using, keep things short and sweet. Add enough information to give a potential match something to message you about, but not so much that there's no mystery left. And when in doubt, leave it out.

Do: Briefly describe yourself and your interests in one or two sentences, and include a unique call to action—it'll give your matches incentive to ask you out.

Don't: Leave it blank. The only thing worse than penning your entire autobiography on a dating app? Having nothing to say.

Make Sure You're Emoji-nally Available

Okay, so you don't have to use emoji, but they're a great way to add personality to your profile without adding bulk. Aside from the fact that they're fun, you can also use emoji to indicate key things about you, your dating preferences and your hobbies without increasing your word count.

Do: Add a few emoji that represent your interests somewhere in your profile. Be creative!

Don't: Include an entire emoji paragraph—that's just excessive—or get too graphic. Your eggplant emoji artwork? Not exactly inspiring.

Phone a Friend

Think you've got your profile all set and ready to go? Before you get to swiping, have a friend you trust look it over. The truth is that describing yourself is hard, and selecting photos is tricky, too, since we see ourselves differently than the rest of the world does. Having another set of eyes on your profile definitely can't hurt.

Do: Choose someone who knows you well and knows what you're looking for, in terms of potential dates.

Don't: Ask your boss for help—that's just unprofessional. (If you want a laugh, however, ask your parents.)

Swipe with Caution

Some people think of dating apps as just a numbers game, and to play, you have to swipe right on everyone, then be selective about who you message and meet up with. When you do that, real connections can get lost in the mix, so if you really want to find your next great romance, become a more savvy, selective swiper.

Do: Only right swipe people you actually want to talk to and meet up with.

Don't: Waste any more of your precious time (and even more precious phone data) matching with people you're not interested in.

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