5 Weird Uses for Yellow Mustard (That Totally Work!)

published Nov 18, 2014
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(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Simple, understated, and delicious, yellow mustard has its place in the back row on the condiment shelf, pulled out for the occasional cookout or the quickly assembled sandwich. Sure, it’s tasty but is that really it? Have we underestimated yellow mustard all these years?

Not just for hot dogs, yellow mustard has quite the list of alternative uses! From skincare to sore throats, it sure can (ahem) cut the mustard.

Alternative uses for yellow mustard:

  1. Mild Burn Relief: First, run the burned area under cold water. Spread a thick layer of cold, yellow mustard across the burn. Once the mustard dries you may start to feel pain once again, rinse off the dried mustard and re-apply a second layer of cold mustard. Repeat as needed. If applied quick enough, this can sometimes reduce the chances of blistering. *If you are severely burned, seek medical attention immediately.
  2. Cosmetic Mask: Spread a thin layer of mustard around your face, keeping a good distance away from your eyes. Let sit just a few minutes then carefully rinse away. Not recommended for sensitive skin.
  3. Good for Sore Muscles: Combine 1 tablespoon of mustard with Epsom salts in a hot bath. Take a nice long soak to relieve that aching back.
  4. De-skunker: Get too close? Clean the stink off non-poreous surfaces with a mixture of mustard and hot water.
  5. Sore Throat Relief: Sounds gross, but it works wonders! Brew up a nice steaming mug of 1/2 cup water, and add mustard, lemon juice, honey, and salt. Let steep for about five minutes, then gargle. Repeat as needed.

Have you ever tried any of these wonder-mustard remedies?