50+ Ways to Learn, Grow and Find Happiness at Work

updated Oct 3, 2023
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“Work” can look like many different things, and a typical 9-to-5 commuter job is only one of them. You might be a freelancer, or a graveyard-shift-er, or a part-time-er, or somebody who spends their days taking care of their family. All that matters is that you’re happy with where you’re at.

When your life is in perfect balance, work is fun and motivating. Work takes just the right amount of time in your day (or week or year or life). And most importantly, when life is balanced, you feel like you are exactly whee you’re supposed to be right now. If those things aren’t true, then it might be time to reexamine your professional life. Do you need to spend less time at the office? Could you use some strategies for working smarter instead of harder? Or maybe is it time to quit and strike out on your own?

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Find Harmony at Home

In order to bring your life into balance, it can help to see a top-down, bird’s-eye view.

Once you know that your career is an area of your life that needs attention, you next need to focus that energy and figure out exactly what kind of efforts would bring this area of your life back into balance.

To master your own domain…

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  • Or at least take it from a freelancer: How Not to Be Miserable at Work: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned Being My Own Boss

To expand your horizons…

To work smarter, not harder….

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To maintain work/life balance…

When it’s time for a change…